Rolling Stone: Inside the 'Grand Theft Auto V' Soundtrack

Wavves, Flying Lotus, DJ Pooh and more highlight epic video game soundtrack

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xHeavYx2274d ago

I always hope for a good rock/metal radio station for these games, and I always end up disappointed. Why can't they use Welcome to the Jungle again!?

SuicidalTendencies2274d ago

Not only is that song overrated but GNR is the most overrated band I've ever heard. I will never understand their popularity.

xHeavYx2274d ago

*looks at username* ... SMH

spektical2274d ago

Oh sweet child of mine.

Lord_Sloth2274d ago

I'd say ACDC is the most overrated but that's just me.

Philoctetes2274d ago

AC/DC is one of the few bands that managed to produce quality work over four decades. They're not even close to being overrated. They belong up there with the Stones and Zeppelin.

SuicidalTendencies2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

At least 6 people who agree with me have some good taste.


Curious about what you listen to, your taste. I'm guessing it's not very good since your favorite band seems to be GNR


Depends on the singer. I'm not a huge fan of B. Johnson AC/DC, but I love Bon Scott AC/DC


Completely Agree. A may not be a big fan of B. Johnson but the music itself has stayed great for a long time.

SchwoererBear2274d ago

@suicidaltendencies, But their new album Chinese Democracy has been in developemnet for 20 years! It is so good! (Just kidding they fucking suck)

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BldyShdw2274d ago


Don't listen to SuicidalTendencies, GNR is amazing!

Zklaus2274d ago

VRock was amazing imo

Avernus2274d ago

Yea... disappointed as well. Would have liked to see Machine Head, Deftones, Tool, Slipknot, The Sorrow, In Flames etc.

I mean we won't know exactly what bands are in the game until release. Unless you want to go and find out through the leaks.

But I was really hoping for metal bands to make it in.

Shane Kim2274d ago

SOAD, Tool and Deftones for me :)

claud32274d ago

you both serious on your comments... R* are well known to pick out the best songs for there GTA games and this is no different

xHeavYx2274d ago

They pick good songs if you are into rap, hip hop and similar stuff, they never pick good rock/metal songs

claud32274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

But the full list has not been revealed yet, so judging it so far is stupid

xHeavYx2274d ago

SMH... I was talking about previous experiences. Not understanding a simple comment is stupid

dead_eye2274d ago

Maybe you don't know what good rock/metal songs are.


actually IMO, GTA 4 had one of the worst soundtracks all around. the rock stations were pretty terrible and the hip hop tracks were so forgettable.

IH8YH2274d ago

they had amazing metal songs in LOST & DAMNED and amazing selection of New York Hardcore in GTA 4, both on the LCHC. The selection of West Coast Hip Hop and Punk if have seen for GTA V (if the list was real) is brilliant as well.

theDECAY2274d ago

I remember hearing Tom Vek while playing GTAV, I believe. They have always been great at choosing music that is upcoming and not widely known. Not just Rap and hip-hop, although they are great at that. Radio Broker had some baller stuff on it in Liberty City.

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