EA COO Clarifies ‘Offline Games’ Comment

IGN: Peter Moore has clarified his comments from earlier this week, when he stated “we don't ship a game at EA that is offline.”

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Chapter111876d ago

Just keep digging that hole.

I'm sick of video game companies these days. They're so out of touch with customers its unbelievable the industry hasn't collapsed yet.

Ol_G1876d ago

Oh just you wait these company's like EA will make sure the industry collapses you can count on that

theWB271876d ago

Almost every game today ships with some type of online component to it. Since EA outright stated they won't ship a game without there's a problem?

Are you sure they're out of touch? I can't find a single top selling game that didn't have multiplayer or an online component. Of course...COD being at the top.

BitbyDeath1876d ago

Uncharted, Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead, Skyrim, Fallout, Mirrors edge, infamous, Ratchet and clank, Sly cooper and many others all sold in the millions

theWB271876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

None of those are at the top of sells this gen. The brochure for Infamous 3 has indicated multiplayer...a new Skyrim MMO is releasing...Uncharted also has mulitplayer.

Online is there more than it isn't.

Soldierone1876d ago

Its EA. They will keep digging until their money starts taking a hit. Then they will say sorry and start digging again.

It's companies like this that nearly destroyed the industry before, they will do it again.

twinspectre1876d ago

i stop supporting them by deleting my BF4 preorder if people do the same we can see some change , but what i'm saying is a far dream and it's impossible to reach it because people don't realise after stop sopporting them we can see a better gaming world :) like the ol'days

threefootwang1876d ago

Only problem with that is yes EA is a horrible company, but the same can't be said for DICE. I personally have nothing but respect for them and the work they put into each of there BF's they make. True innovation compared to companies such as Activision and IW/Treyarch

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malokevi1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

A monkey could have understood what he meant. As usual, completely exaggerated and unnecessary blowback to a common sense statement.

Do "offline games" even exist anymore? Even the most dedicated single-player experiences are subject to constant updates.

Just give me my next-gen consoles so that I can tune you all out for 8+ years.

staticdash221876d ago

That comment was the last straw for EA. They're dead to me, I couldn't care less about their franchises now tbh. Mirror's Edge yea, but Ubisoft is rising in popularity for me.

BitbyDeath1876d ago

Dying light looks like a better alternate to Mirrors edge

twinspectre1876d ago

i hope Ubisoft doesn't screw everything

yellowgerbil1876d ago

Here's a quote that doesn't need clarification
"I don't buy EA games PERIOD" "...well except for battlefront"

Red_Devilz1876d ago

Sounds like he just joined Microsoft.