Los Sims 3 Magazine Scans with Translation

- EA will includes in the game a lot of tools for create new shoes, skins, objetcs, clothes,…
- Sims will be able to do demonstrations in the streets of SimCity if they are disagree with something.
- The game mode of The Sims 3 will be based in objectives.
- The game will go on sale on Spring 2009

From Translation, "The Sims 3 is without any doubt, the game more waited in all the Universe Sim and it has been a really privilege for us travel to San Francisco and see it in action. The best secret has been discovered and The Sims 3 is going to be a real revolution! We are sure that you will like it because the producer team has made it thinking in all the players: it will have an excellent aspect, it will include much new interactions and changes after listen millions of players."

Translations are below magazine scans, and forgive the English mistakes as the translator's primary language is Spanish and not English.

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