gamescom 2013: Why 'Titanfall' is our game of the show

Digital Spy: Titanfall had a tremendous amount of buzz around it at gamescom. First, it was the outstanding trailer that debuted during EA's press conference, stringing together exhilarating set-pieces that showcase what makes it unique.

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Dragonborn3122270d ago

I think Titanfall looks epic.

pedrof932269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Actually it looks not good that compared to other games. I mean if you compare to other games like Destiny,Killzone,BF and so.

The game looks incredibly fun, but the source engine is dated, the graphics,the shadows and even physics aren't good. Just look closely on the trailers and you'l notice.

But then again, this is their first game, the next one will have a bigger budget.


Well yeah LOL, the titans walk and stand the same as normal players.

Lord_Sloth2269d ago

It looks like an FPS game with a taller FPS game in it.

Irishguy952269d ago

Yeah il be getting this on pc abd bf4 for my graphics fix. kz has pisspoor gameplay and destiny will be epic

malokevi2269d ago

Ahahaahahaha, 2 agrees, 4 disagrees. Sounds about right. As if it's news that the ratio of pathetic little boys on N4G is about 2-1.

Eat your heart out kiddies. Great game in the making, anyone who denies it is miserably transparent.


Irishguy952269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

The amount of buzz about this going to ps4 is hilarious. Ps gamers want it so bad. Its the most interesting.multiplayer fps shown for next gen and everyone knows it.

Flutterby2269d ago

I am far from impressed , I may be wrong but haven't we only seen pc gameplay and even that is underwhelming graphics wise , what will the Xbox one version look like if pc doesn't look good?

Looking at the recent preorders as well titanfall with all it's overhype isn't selling too well compared to destiny which is coming out at the same time and pretty much every other game is out selling it too, It may be just me but it feels like people are trying to force the hype.

Irishguy952269d ago

Graphics graphics graphics. Its the only fault they can find its all they talk about. Hete is proof that sony gamers do care about graphics folks. You should get a pc if you're so worried about graphics flutterby

Kingnichendrix2269d ago

Its next Gen the graphics should compliment the gameplay if not what the hell is the point of buying a next gen console

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HammadTheBeast2269d ago

Yeah I can't wait.

Playing it, as usual, best on PC.

SuperLupe2269d ago

Like all those f2p games on the PS4 ? Or maybe the indie games ?

At the end of the day I guess you wont be using your PS4 a lot since you love your PC so much.

HammadTheBeast2269d ago

Can't play Killzone or Infamous, or God of War, or Heavy Rain/Beyond, or Uncharted, or Last of Us on PC. Sadly.

And it's f2p/Indies, Idgaf lol.

SuperLupe2269d ago

Last time I checked you cant play God of War, Heavy Rain, Beyond, Uncharted nor LOU on the PS4.

That leaves you with Killzone and Infamous next year.

I guess you'll be getting your multiplats on the PC too right ? As usual and better on PC like you say.

May as well delay the purchase of your PS4 for a year or two so it can have a decent catalog of excusives.

StraightPath2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Damn titanfall is getting hyped alot this game could be megaton. If ms was wise they will try pay big cash to keep this exclusive as its blowing everyone away and could be next big thing. Ps4 desperate for this as one of biggest game next gen! No other game has appealed as this never heatd no one wanting killzone this one seems like attracting both sides. Ps4 fans are dissapointed and really want it to come on ps4. I hope it does come on ps4! As next big thing looks epic

BlackTar1872269d ago

if this game was multiplatform the Hype wouldn't be as big.

Boody-Bandit2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )


^True statement right there.

If TitanFall was multiplat, IMO, I feel Destiny would be killing it in hype. No doubt about it. TitanFall looks fun but Destiny looks to be stunning (visually) story driven series like Halo and has both on and offline modes.

TitanFall is online only. Personally for me that lowers it's anticipation. I use to be big on online gaming but the past couple years I prefer gaming offline more than online.

I will wait for impressions from gamers I know before even considering picking up an online only game. I think this is a huge gamble for Respawn and I don't understand why they didn't have a single player campaign. I'd bet, giving 10 to 1 odds, TitanFall 2 will have a SPC.

spicelicka2269d ago

I think it's also cuz it's so accessible. All other multiplayer games that compare to titanfall are either sequels like battlefield and killzone with nothing brand new to show (not implying they're bad), or they're very ambitious and can't really be properly assessed until all the players start playing, these games include destiny, division, etc. I mean it's much harder to assess an mmo like game at a booth vs a drop-in drop-out game like titanfall.

black0o2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

destiny is a next gen title, there is no depth in titanfal 'so far', i guess only COD fans are the once attracted to it

SuicideKing2269d ago

Isn't Destiny going to be on Xbox 360 and ps3 as well?

Anyway I am very excited for this game, I love the mobility!

pandehz2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Not everyone needs mmo like depth all the time.
I already have a job. I don't want cod either.

Titanfall looks like the right combination of what I want. I played UT, BF and CS.

Titanfall has taken some good bits from those.

From E3 its Titanfal, Mirrors Edge 2 and BF4 that had me excited. Destiny was a bit so-so, still trying to figure out what makes it so awesome like. The presentation was great but I think after a week in game ppl will see its true colours. Will have to wait and see.

black0o2269d ago

they need to tell us a little bit more info about it .. so far is just another MP match in COD with mesh, and I can't see any BF element in it ??

spicelicka2269d ago

Am I the only one thinking how epic a campaign to this would've been? I can only imagine due to the smaller budget and team they only chose single player, it's gonna get crazy in the sequel for sureee.

Dragonborn3122269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

I am not a big COD fan but I am very excited for Titanfall. It just seems fresh and innovative. I love how fluid it is; the agility of the pilots combined with the Titans has me pumped. Almost every major gaming site I look at has Titanfall as their game of the show, so that has to mean something. Clearly the game is a lot of fun.

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user74029312269d ago

im going to use the share button a lot on this game, it looks like fun. I wonder if its coop?

skydragoonity2269d ago

The share button will definately be of high importance in this game. Your right.

cell9892269d ago

Very good point, save that one awesome air kill

Bigpappy2269d ago

There is no share button on X1 or PC. But you can still capture your hot moments when you get your X1, it has all the features you need. It is the console that has the largest feature set.

spicelicka2269d ago

lol i think you're trolling on ps4, cuz it hasn't been announced for it

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Fishy Fingers2269d ago

Gameplay just looks fantastic and seems to have left its mark on everyone who's played it. Right up my street, should be a lot of fun for me.

pandehz2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Yea lol everyone I read about who has had a hands on keep saying the gameplay is just fantastic.

Love the fluidity. I've always thought why can't i think something and do it just as fast. This looks close to that.

cell9892269d ago

It's a multiplayer game only, idk about gane of the show status

kevnb2269d ago

I'm tired of tacked on single player, almost as much as I am of tacked on multiplayer.

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