What Nintendo got wrong with the 2DS

Gimme Gimme Games writes about the things about the Nintendo 2DS that bother them.

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PeaSFor2269d ago

whatever, they will still make a ton of money with this.

Kevlar0092269d ago

People are going to think this is a new system and wonder why they just got a 3DS when now there is a 2DS. Unless Ninty can easily show it's just a 3DS without 3D people are going to be confused.

I get what Ninty is trying to do, offer a cheaper 3DS that can still play the same games, but consumers might just get confused and walk away

At best Nintendo sells some and makes money, at worse people begin to loathe them. It also looks really weird, almost trying too hard to be like Apple.

3-4-52269d ago

Most of you aren't as smart as you think you are.

This is testing grounds for their next handheld.

They already stated that 3D won't be the focus on their next handheld and they made that statement months ago.

So connect the dots people...Remember that from 1st grade ???

They testing reaction to a different style, while not having it be their "main" system, so as not to completely piss people off, all the while being able to give gamers a 3rd option.

The next Nintendo Handheld will basically be the Wii U gamepad.

* 2 analog sticks, not dual screen, touch pad, HD, R&L triggerss, ABXY buttons, ect...

They are taking the best from 3DS, mixing it with Wii U & bringing back some elements of the GBA to make their next handheld.

Nintendo starts working on their next WHATEVER as soon as they finish something else.

Most companies take a break, they don't, they literally have not stopped innovating and tinkering since the 80's.

How don't people comprehend this? Are people that unintelligent ?

Stop thinking in the now, the now already happened, Microsoft is the now, Nintendo is always about the future, it's just some people aren't ready for it, and far too many people are over critical of stuff they don't understand in life.

And instead of admitting they don't know or understand something, they act like they know everything, get all arrogant and say things are "trash/dumb/stupid/uselss " ect...

This is just another tinkering for Nintendo to fine tune some stuff without having to Risk their entire Nintendo Handheld brand.

Once again, How don't people understand this ?

Foxgod2269d ago

Why would they need to test a non 3d console if they already had the NDS?

LordAtrocity2269d ago

I don't think you're as clever as you think you are either.

SonyPS42269d ago

I agree with your post in general. I have been saying it's a great concept and a cheaper alternative for a consumer that doesn't wish to pay for a feature they really don't desire to use. The only gripe I have with this system is the design which is awful, not the lack of 3D. Without 3D it's still a functional game system that plays every 3DS game, but only in 2D. For 7 year olds (or younger), gamers with only one eye, or budget conscious gamers this concept has a potential market. Only if the 2DS had a similar design as a 3DS or DSLite...

kneon2269d ago


Your description sounds like a PS Vita.

I don't get why they stuck with two separate screens when it's not a clam shell design. Instead they could have gone with a 400x480 touch screen to handle both the top and bottom screens.

It would probably draw less power as you only need one set of display driver circuitry. And such a screen would cost no more than $10 in the quantities they would buy them in.

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Foxgod2269d ago

Nintendo is fighting off chinese knockoffs of the 3ds, by producing their own 3ds knockoff, complete with a knockoff styled name :D

A7XEric2269d ago

Makes more sense than the Wii Mini at least

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The story is too old to be commented.