Thrustmaster announce their first Xbox One wheel: the TX Racing Wheel Ferrari F458 Italia Edition

VVV: "We've had something of an influx of next generation racing peripheral announcements lately. There was the Thrustmaster T80 Drive Club Edition, the first official wheel announced for the PS4. For the Xbox One, there was the Mad Catz Force Feedback wheel. Now Thrustmaster have retaliated with an Xbox One wheel of their own: the TX Racing Whel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition, conveniently planned to be released alongside Forza Motorsport 5."

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ironwolf2271d ago

No shifter, no clutch. A worthless piece of juvenile junk.

malokevi2271d ago

seriously. how do they expect me to stall my digital car with that hunk of plastic?

Mustang300C20122271d ago

Because the Italia doesn't have a shifter and clutch so why would anyone expect this to have it?

ironwolf2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Because the games contain more cars than just the Italia. So, why waste effort and licensing money making it look like the Italia's wheel when you would better serve the customer by giving them a complete and competent product?
I'm not interested in driving a souped up '60s Mustang or '70s Aston with the wheel and pedals from a 21st century Ferrari. Thrustmaster's marketing department needs to get out of the their dream world and talk to the gamers that use these peripherals.

Boody-Bandit2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Well this seals it for me. I'm not touching Forza 5 nor am I getting an XBOX ONE this year.

No backwards compatibility with existing 360 wheels. In walks their now compatible X1 (Forza 5) wheel but it doesn't have a clutch and no stand alone manual shifter? Add that with Forza 5 not supporting triple panel displays and I come to the sum total of no sale for me.

This F458 isn't even as advanced as Thrustmasters T500 and it's no where near as good as my current Forza 4 combo (Fanatec CSR ELite, Clubsport V2 pedals and TH8RS Shifter).

I will wait until Thrustmaster makes a combo that at least rivals it's T500 series. This F458 doesn't cut it and is over priced compared to their T500. And those that are acting as this isn't a big deal you obviously are not wheel users. I play the Forza series with all assist off, rewind disabled and clutch and manual shifter engaged.

Turn 10 is basically given up on the hardcore so this hardcore Forza fan is given up on them.

gcolley2270d ago

No sale, waiting for Fanatec.