Top 5 Underrated Games

Aaron Ploof from Spydistrict lays out his top 5 underrated games: Mystical Ninja starring Goemon, Landstalker, Digital Devil Saga, Diddy Kong Racing, and World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

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-Gespenst-1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Mystical Ninja Goemon is easily one of the best N64 games. I played most of it emulated but I can't remember why I didn't finish it. I think I'll probably play it from the start. It's very Banjo Kazooie / Mario 64 / Ocarina of Time but it really is just so good, and kind of free roaming the way Okami is.

I own both the Digital Devil Sagas and have yet to play them. Dying to though.

Hadn't heard of Landstalker. Might have a go at it sometime.

Terranigma is another SNES gem that's often overlooked.

AaronBaron1880d ago

Landstalker is like Alundra, if you've played that before. I almost put it on the list, but Digital Devil Saga beat it out.

AaronBaron1880d ago

There's also a sequel to Mystical Ninja, but it's 2D sidescrolling, and I didn't find it nearly as enjoyable.

user74029311880d ago

I swear on the goddamn bible I played the living hell out of this game

Dagobert1880d ago

Try the SNES Mystical Ninja games, they're pretty good too. I think only the first one was translated in English, the other ones are in Japanese on the SNES.

godofboobees1880d ago

Terranigma was overlooked because it was only released in japan and pal territory. A real classic though

Dagobert1880d ago

I love that game. I never beat it cause I got real far into the game and my save file was not working. It's an amazing game.

3-4-51880d ago

I love Mystical Ninja. Beat that game in 3 days, but 3 of the best video game days of my life.

After Mario 64, I was trying to find anything that was even close to it, and this game was just that. The different abilities, the music, the weirdness of it and random humor.

This game is awesome.

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CloudyAero1880d ago

What is the game in the cover picture in the actual article?