Unreal 2007 gameplay videos

A new gameplay video showing Unreal 2007.

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CAPS LOCK4462d ago

looks alot like gears of war. i never bought an unreal tournament game, but i think i will buy this when i get a ps3.

BIadestarX4462d ago

Can you please help see what you see. In what way it looks like gears of war? For some strange reason I thought it looks more like Halo. I think gears of war may have more similarities to Raibow Six than UT. Are you talking about the game play, the graphics, the story or the characters. Can you eleborate more on this please?

eques judicii4462d ago

i have to agree with bladestar.. the game looks much more similar to halo than to gears of war. It also looks very much like every other unreal tournament (except now with more vehicles) which isn't a bad thing, but because this game is not going to be as extensively optimized for a single platform it will not look as good as any single platform game.

plus, the gameplay is nothing like gears of war.

Mikey_Gee4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

HUH !! GOW ... no way !!

This game is much like the ALL the other UT games (not saying it is bad) but the PS3 has much better titles to buy than this.

videl4462d ago

i like unreal tournament, its the best shooter ever, cant wait for it.

CAPS LOCK4462d ago

i think the weapons look like halo 3, i think the character graphics look like GOW and the enviroments look as big as resistance.

BIadestarX4462d ago

Yeah, I can see similarities. Thanks.

eques judicii4462d ago

my bad to criticise.. didn't see the second post ;-)

similarities to GOW have to be forgiven... same engine, same company (although it doesn't have cliffyb on it this time... like ut2004 did)

BIadestarX4461d ago

@eques judicii, yeah; both games are made by the same company and both are using the same engine. I agree.

andy capps4460d ago

The gameplay looks like the Halo series to me. Not a bad thing necessarily. Graphics look pretty nice, not sure whether I'll buy this one or not. Depends on if Resistance is still keeping me entertained or not.

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Eternal E 8084462d ago

crawl out of?,welcome to 5 weeks ago

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The story is too old to be commented.