The MMO To End All MMOs? Black Desert Hopes So

Korean developer Pearl Abyss has promised to make our dreams come true with the upcoming release of Black Desert. That’s assuming that you dream of playing huge and gorgeous looking open-world MMO’s. You do? Then you’re in luck.

The game’s being toted as a large-scale sandbox MMORPG. The developers claim it’ll offer combat, open-world player vs player battles, strategic castle sieges with up to 400 v 400 assaults, resource-gathering , NPC- hiring, and non-instanced housing which can be shared with other players. Time to welcome your RoomieLoverFriends!

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GentlemenRUs2274d ago

Just imagine the price of the monthly sub...

At this big of a sandbox mmo, I'm guessing £12-17 a month!

GreatGamePlay2274d ago

Black Desert can make a Cute Beautiful Sexy Huge Treasure Chest with improving game engine physics till the day I die. It'll be the end of me playing plenty of mmos.

Kalebninja2274d ago

no cuz of when vrmmo's come we all gnna die

3-4-52274d ago

Just about to say this. Not into old EQ at all, it's too old school for me, but I did enjoy WoW for a few years and I'm expecting the new EQ to compete with that in terms of what it brings to the genre.

EQ Next is the first MMO that had me truly interested in what they are doing.

Will I play it ? Who knows, good chance I won't, or I might, but I'm glad it's being made for gamers though.

PlayStation_42274d ago

if it's on PS4 I'll give it a shot for sure, they did say that they are focusing on PC for now though

Kryptix2274d ago

Since the developers of Everquest Next said that it can be run on 5 year old hardware and a lot of PC games are coming out on the PS4...we'll definitely see it for the PS4 soon. And that's the MMO I'll put my time and effort to building my character and exploring. Haven't really put a lot of time into an MMO since WoW from 2010-2011. Had a level 80 Warrior, Rogue, and Death Knight back in the day in a 1 year span, all with great gear.

MestreRothN4G2274d ago

Imminent disappointment ahead.

pandehz2274d ago

Only the most hardcore will play this game for long.

I have played mmos for 11 yrs now but lately it all feels like a second job.