Developers Are Responsible For Their Communities

Gaming Union: "Cheating, homophobia, women hating, malicious hacks, suicide goading, and incredible degrees of immaturity are just a few of the many negative connotations associated with online gaming. From competitive e-sports to casual matchmaking our industry is rife with some of the most hateful and abusive attitudes around, and while fingers can certainly be pointed at a wide variety of outside influences can we really say that our industry is doing the best it can to help lay this stigma to rest?"

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fozzness1880d ago

It's a shame because I know Riot Games have really been trying to find the best way to handle people on their servers... I doubt a lot of the goading will change due to the nature of online gaming and the sort of anonymity that comes with it... I just hope Riot Games finds something fast because League of Legends is just such a great game to play. :(