Rant: Square Enix Needs to Kick Idle FFXIV Players or Potentially Lose Customers

Even before the officially Final Fantasy XIV release date there were login issues. Every world was full or wouldn't load, and many people were jumping ship.

Keep in mind, this was before the release.

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Abriael2273d ago

Yeah, because of course people will ragequit a couple days after release, and not use the rest of the free month they get because of a few initial server problems.

I swear, the alarmism is ridiculous. Some people shouldn't even be allowed to write on tumblr.

3-4-52273d ago

They need a big Red insta-Kick button they can push and it auto logs everyone out of the game until the feel it's ok for everyone to log back in.

How hasn't that been thought of ?

Reborn2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

They're working on increasing the capacity in their data servers over the next few days. However, players are keeping themselves logged in, as no one wants to be locked out.

I hope it improves with this additional data center improvements.

Though, I dont see a mass exodus of players occurring over this..

rdgneoz32273d ago

I'd love for ghe login queue to come bavk. Annoying having to spam 1 button for a while to see if you'll get in.

NegativeCreepWA2273d ago

They need to add a auto kick and have a real queue.

Pain2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Well.. I never log out so I don't have that problem of logging in >.>

In ffxi I stayed logged in for err my longest was 370 days.. and in 1.0 had too too needed rested bonus but don't need to really do that in 2.0 so /wave and /fume when u see me and my brother afk!

but really can't blame SE for this or people that don't log out the game is getting hammered with people wanting in so first world problems..

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