Can we expect a GTA V ‘PS4′ release? If so, when?

PS4Home: "If there’s only one thing that could dampen all of the excitement surrounding next-gen gaming, then it would have to be the uncertainty about GTA V and the PlayStation 4."

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mewhy322268d ago

Wow. That would be awesome!!! As long and they don't catch the lowest common denominatoritis.

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Nitrowolf22268d ago

when the pc version is out prob. if anything

Ryto2267d ago

When they do bring it to PC, I hope R* do a better job of optimising it! I could barely run GTA 4 on its absolute lowest settings!

On topic though, it would be great for a jazzed up version on next gen, longer draw distance, more interactive and variant civilians... Running at 1080p natively! Ooh!

Maybe they'll do the port as a GOTY edition with all the future DLC bundled?

steve30x2267d ago

GTA IV runs as smooth as silk on my three year old compouter with everything set to their maximum and I dont have the most powerful computer in the world.

annus2267d ago


That's because it's been patched. It was a heap of shit upon release.

TheDevKit2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

GTA IV on the PC was one of the worst ports I have ever seen.

WeedyOne2267d ago

The pc version is being released at the same time as the console version isn't it?

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods2268d ago

THEY WON'T RELEASE IT FOR PS4! stop it!! just wait for the pc version in a few months!!

Khajiit862267d ago

No thx im getting on my ps3 cant wait another year after waiting over 5 years.

Mounce2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Your new name shall be "Deceiver_of_Self"

As for the topic, I'd damn hope, since I'm dying from the hype and am pressuring myself to get it on PS3, that Rockstar goes with Sony and if they DO release a PS4 version that we can swap and buy the PS4 version at a discount of 50%+ I'd damn hope so. I just don't want to wait for a 'What if' and not buy and enjoy GTA5 when it's out instead of hoping a PS4 version comes out 6-12 months later or more.

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods2267d ago

@Mounce , they wont make it for ps4 , if they do it this is gona happen in about a year as you said and i dont think R* is thinking of releasing it for ps4 , i also would like to see this stunning game on ps4 but i dont think thet we are ever gonna see it

Mounce2267d ago

Hey hey, there's no need to slam my hopes so fast and groundlessly now, pessimist :(

It's like one of those times where, everyone wanted RDR on PC.....and it never happened, but GTA4 was desired to go on PC too, and eventually it DID happen. Though it took 8 months.

Hillyhill2267d ago

I think they will do like gta 5 liberty city an axpansion of gta 5, might not be the same game as gta 5 but very similar.

Jeff2572267d ago

Well I cannot wait to play it and GTA Online on my PS3. No way would Rockstar miss out on the next gen systems though. Even if they don't bring over GTA V I expect we will see GTA Online at some point in the next year or so on the next gen systems. Then again maybe they will just bring out the full GTA V with some new content and at a discount for anyone who has already bought the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.