Nintendo 2DS vs. 3DS: A Direct Comparison

Wondering how Nintendo's newest piece of portable hardware stacks up to their older pieces of portable hardware?

Via Nintendo of Europe, here's a nifty little chart to show you all of the differences between the company's three different 3DS models. Yes, the 2DS is a 3DS model. If you find that confusing, well, you're not alone.

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Activemessiah2275d ago

What's so bloody confusing about this? It's built with children in mind.

L0YD2275d ago

With really big hands.

GdaTyler2275d ago

Well it's mainly designed as a cash grab for Pokemon. Parents will buy this for their kids as it might not be too much for them.

Christopher2275d ago

Doesn't sound like a cash grab to me but understanding what your market wants.

If this was a clam shell design, I'd be all over it (I can't see in 3D and the current DS is more expensive than it should be because of the 3D functionality.

GdaTyler2275d ago

Ninteno is genius for putting this next to Pokemon. This will sell millions.

3-4-52275d ago

Handheld + Pokemon for same price as 3DS = win for Nintendo this holiday.

dark-hollow2275d ago

All I want is a 3ds lite with the xl sleek design and the og 3ds size.

svoulis2275d ago

I just don't see why they couldn't keep the design of the 3ds and take out the 3D tech? I would never walk around with this tablet looking thing.

no matter what you say its ugly. No matter who its for, its still ugly. I don't think this had children in mind. There is no extra safety insuring that it could take a beating (think leapfrog tablet etc). It's just...ugly.

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