Do You Need to Rush into Next-Gen?

Atomic Gamer - "Casual and semi-hardcore gamers keep asking me: should I buy one (or both!) of the new game consoles when they come out? When this happens, I usually hit them with a series of questions, but after only a few answers, I've got my conclusion for them. The conclusion is usually "no.

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TriangleOffense2275d ago

Agree, it'll be over a year before I get a new system

ravinash2275d ago

I still need to play Skyrim and Dark souls 2. Those games by them selves will keep me busy for a long time before I move on the a PS4.

Enemy2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

I have no need to wait.

- Killzone: Shadow Fall is only on PS4
- Resogun is only on PS4
- Driveclub is only on PS4
- Knack is only on PS4
- F2P Warframe
- F2P War Thunder
- Contrast
- Next gen Watch_Dogs is the best version to play
- Next gen AC: Black Flag is the best version to play
- Next gen NFS: Rivals is the best version to play

Etc, more here http://www.playstationlifes...

I got the PS3 at launch and it had nowhere near as many games as this. This time around, I'm paying even less than I did for my PS3, and for a better console. Don't see the point in waiting.

ravinash2275d ago

I had the PS3 at launch to. I was kept pretty happy with the games as it gave me plenty of time to complete them before the next one came out.
Not chance of that now, so many games, never enough time.

ApolloTheBoss2275d ago

Still gotta huge backlog to finish up, and PS+ just keeps widening the gap. I'm getting a PS4 when Cyberpunk comes out.

falcon972274d ago

And if games flop on ps4 and xbox1 expect alot less support...

falcon972274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Just get a wiiu it has best graphics and games,yes graphics,X looks to be the best looking game ive seen so far end of.............

Just look at the 1 min 22 mark 4 players co-op in them graphics wow,thats early in game realtime footage in an open it out

2275d ago
Khajiit862275d ago

Its not rushing for me. Have had a 360 since release and ps3 since release.... its been a long time.

avengers19782275d ago

7 years is long enough, I can't wait till November

CocoWolfie2275d ago

plus the excitement, the talk, the advertising, if youre a gamer you can soak it all in.. and its kinda nice to go along with and play the great games when a lot of other people do :)

lilbroRx2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

The consoles will be released in less than a year of being announced. That has never happened before.

Sony and Microsoft are rushing their consoles out to keep Nintendo from gaining to much of a marketshare advantage in the next-gen market.

This will cost them in the long run.

avengers19782275d ago

I'd agree with that of both consoles weren't in development for a couple of years now, and Nintendo completely squandered there year long head start I mean they haven't even hit 4 million yet.

Khajiit862274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Im planning on getting a ps4. Then an xboxone down the road..... no plans for wiiu though.

I have played a lot of nba 2k13 on my ps3. I played it on the wiiu and its so much better and easier to play with the dualshock and 360 controller.

Flipgeneral2274d ago

Couldnt agree more buddy.

When people moan about summer ending, I welcome the cold because I know I'm THAT much closer to getting mine

KentBlake2275d ago

Oh, yes I do. At least the PS4 will be mine as soon as possible. Then, in 2 or 3 years, the Xbox One. But I'll keep my PS3 and 360 for a long time, because I still have lots of games to finish on them, including incoming releases. The Wii U hasn't convinced me yet, but I don't rule it out, either.

deepio2275d ago

My head says wait for a year, but when Titanfall drops, that might change my mind!

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The story is too old to be commented.