Nintendo’s New 2DS Handheld is Going to Sell So Many Vitas

CCC Says: "Discussions on handheld gaming are notoriously short, and for good reason: Statistically speaking, Nintendo is the inarguable victor. Having dominated the market with its DS lineup for years, the only other competitors are the PS Vita and, arguably, mobile platforms, both of which are trailing behind the empirical rule of Lord 3DS. The reasoning behind this is equally simple: Nintendo knows handhelds, and it’s been running them for decades. It comes as a surprise, then, to see Nintendo backpedal on its DS line so abruptly and awkwardly as to put even Microsoft’s growing list of acrobatics to shame."

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BullyMangler2272d ago

uuumm ha haa this new 2DS looks like its gonna take a diff grip of comfort when playing games on it, like a whole different machine.

this already looks more comfy than a vita too

hoping the vita re-design rumor is real and it gets re-designed cus daynng . i played with it the other day and :/

GdaTyler2272d ago

More comfortable than a Vita? What are you smoking? This design is actually designed for children as the target audience. Nintendo is actually smart to sell this next to Pokemon, it'll sell like hotcakes, lol.

BullyMangler2272d ago

vita has a bunch of accessories for it just to make it comfy, and they are bout to re-design the damn thing ha haaa so 2DS for kids, and 2DS XL for Adults.

the 2DS brings a diff gaming grip/ new comfort when playing games, trumping vitas all over the globe (;

Brazz2272d ago

What? do you have a vita? because i have a vita and a 3ds, and i dare say the vita grip is much better than 3ds.
Vita advantage ends here... 3ds is killing all competition! damn! the thing prints money for nintendo! deserved money, because of the fantastic games!

GdaTyler2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )


Yes I do have a Vita and I find it better to hold than the 3DS. I can play with the Vita for hours unlike the 3DS which makes my hands cramp easily. It's my opinion and you have yours, if you don't agree wit me then fine. :/


That 2DS design is horrid. It looks like it WILL make a lot of people's hands cramp. Just look at it. Stop being so biased.

swice2272d ago

Why the hell would it sell more Vita's when the 3DS is still on the market? It's not like the 2DS is our only choice...

fatstarr2272d ago

Pokemon X/Y + bundle + 2DS + Christmas

Domination for Q3 and Q4

kirbyu2272d ago

The 2DS and X and Y are being released the same day. If there's no bundle I'll be really surprised.

fatstarr2272d ago

it will come later on. they are gonna see how well it sells on its own 2 feet. Pretty sure they will have a Blue and a Red 2DS. maybe a limited edition casing as well.