Feature: Eight PS4 Titles That You'll Be Able to Play for Free This Year

Push Square: "New console transitions are always expensive. Even with the PlayStation 4’s cheaper than expected recommended retail price, there’s still a lot to keep your credit card busy, with additional DualShock 4 controllers, charging docks, hardware stands, and plenty of retail releases to consider. Fortunately, for the first time in console history, the next generation system will be accompanied by a spate of free-to-play titles, which will be fully playable without requiring you to spend a penny. With the platform’s November launch fast approaching, we figured that it was the right time for us to round up all eight complimentary titles currently confirmed for a 2013 release on the hotly anticipated hardware."

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patsrule3162266d ago

Is Resogun confirmed for PS+ in North America? I know the announced it at Gamescom, but I got the impression it was for Europe. I could be wrong though.

And technically, PS+ games aren't have to pay for PS+

mewhy322266d ago

DC Universe, Planetside 2, BlackLight Retribution, all can be played outside the pay wall on PSN. Awesome time to be a Playstation Gamer will the micro$oft sheep getting milked for all they can get from them.

get2sammyb2266d ago

Yeah, it's a fair point. Seeing as it's such a pivotal part of the system, though, I'm assuming that 90 per cent of players will have access to PS Plus.

I'd be surprised if ResoGun wasn't offered in the States, too.

marchinggamer2266d ago

I get more titles for free on PC than you can think of but I can't wait until all the n00b ps4 players get on war thunder and I slaughter there as in my Russian mig-15

sincitysir12266d ago

so do i but this is a ps4 article. so relax with your awesomeness you awesome gamer.

Khajiit862266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

You will have to get used to the controller first...

FlunkinMonkey2266d ago

You must be a real hit with the ladies.