Witcher 3 Gameplay Producer Marek Ziemak Details Combat, the Morality System and the Open World Size

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s Gameplay Producer Marek Ziemak talks about the game’s combat, morality system and the size of the open world.

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ZBlacktt1876d ago

Man, all these vast beautiful open world games! They all look so awesome. How will I ever have enough time!!!

DevilishSix1876d ago

I am a big fan of open world games like Crackdown 1 & 2, Prototype 1 & 2, Infamous series, etc. I am looking forward to the new Infamous. I hope we see a Crackdown 3 and I am bummed Craptovision closed Radical cause I would have really enjoyed a Prototype 3. I believe open world games are going to benefit the most from the new consoles cause there just wasn't enough RAM or processing power to really do them justice. I am excited for the future of next gen open world games.

ajames3471876d ago

Completely agree. Open worlds will be phenomenal on next gen consoles.

ajames3471876d ago

Haha that's my only problem with open worlds. They're so full of content that you can end up pushing 100+ hours without even finishing up the main campaigns.

ZBlacktt1876d ago

Yes, I mean I have on my list already:

AC4 BF ( 100+ hours )
Watch Dogs
Destiny ( when it comes out )
Witcher 3
inFamous SS ( when it comes out )

DevilishSix1876d ago

I am really excited for this game and Destiny in 2014.

AfterThought1876d ago

*Slurp* The wait is killing me.

DFray9191876d ago

I will be playing this as soon as it drops!!!!!

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