Why Educational Video Games Should Be Part of Every School's Curriculum

As video games continue to gain prevalence among youth, more arguments stress the importance of bringing gaming into the classroom. But a new survey reveals a strong disconnect between what kids want and what teachers prefer - while most students believe educational gaming would help them learn, few teachers in the U.S. are willing to explore that option. And that gap could be dangerous.

The role of technology in schools needs to be addressed, and a recent survey is doing a great job at exposing the perspectives of students and teachers. The annual Speak Up survey, released by Project Tomorrow, highlighted how video games could be best applied in the classroom. Unfortunately, students and administrators disagree on how to take advantage of the rising gaming trend.

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Yi-Long3840d ago

... that many 'educational games' are complete and utter crap, as many of them are made by developer-rejects who couldnt find a proper job in the industry, so they went on to make these games, for low budgets, and overseen by people who dont have a clue.

I say; just let kids play games like Sim City 4, or other good games that make you think about action-and-consequence etc.