Feature: Why does the Nintendo 2DS exist?

Sure, the 2DS has the possibility of performing well at retail, but the question remains: why does the Nintendo 2DS exist?

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Snookies122277d ago

I'm sorry, but it's really ugly lol.

mewhy322277d ago

Im sure that Nintendo will milk the market for all they can. If people will buy things like this then Nintendo will make them.

BullyMangler2277d ago

this new 2DS looks like its gonna take a diff grip of comfort when playing games on it, like a whole different machine compared with 3DS lol vita comfort

metaltales492277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

it look like one of those fake handheld you get at a dollar store

Snookies122277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Stay classy buddy. That has nothing to do with the article. It's trolling. No need for that. Talk about the Vita in a Vita article, not a 3DS/2DS one.

BullyMangler2277d ago

vita needs a re-design vita vitaa! ha haa

LackTrue4K2277d ago

Is this thing cheaper...?!
Or will it be like last time, where they launched the system.
only to give it a price drop 3 months latter? Lol...

PSVita2277d ago

Your insecurity is showing

Kydawg2276d ago

I knew it felt a little drafty in here.

SonyPS42277d ago

For good reason...only had the design been better than this:

-Great for kids 7 and under
-Great for budget gamers
-Great for gamers not caring about 3D
-Great for gamers with one functionable eye
-Great for Nintendo making money

metaltales492277d ago

i beg to differ

-it only a 40 dollar different if you get a regular 3DS
-you can disable the 3D on your 3DS by just going into setting
-Nintendo was already making money with the 3DS

this thing really has no reason to exist only that Nintendo want it to exist

SonyPS42277d ago

Why spend 40 for a feature you don't want or can't use, and instead use it to buy a game for it? It's the design that killed an otherwise good idea.

CandyFace2277d ago

$€£40 bucks is still money and why pay for something you won't use?

metaltales492277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

CandyFace-it 40 dollar to take away the option to turn 3D on and off what if someone wants to try the 3D on the 3DS you can't just say everyone that get the 2DS doesn't want the 3d feature perid.

SonyPS4-games cost on the 3DS 40 to 20 dollars at most your telling me that people can round up 20 dollar to get a 3DS game and ds games play on the 2DS I'm guessing some people that have a ds are getting a 2DS too why can't they play there ds game on it until they get the money

AfterThought2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Great question. 3DS is selling like hot cakes, the Wii mini was a failed endeavor and for some reason when the 3DS has already been revised twice (Don't even get me started on the DS and how many damn revisions there were for that) they feel the need to add yet another revision to the collection.

I get it, its for kids but still it isn't going to sell more. Kids are all about having what others have, they don't think for themselves half the time. They only want what their closest friend already has and I can bet that is a 3DS. They will get a 2DS and be like what is this shit, it isn't the 3DS I wanted..

Also it cost $129.99 when a 3DS cost $169.99. If you just saved a little more money you could have the full experience and not a gimped one. The 2DS has a little more differences than just a lack of 3D.

It is very cheap and should actually be cheaper than what it is seeing as 3D is not the only thing that has been removed but no stupid parents will buy it anyway.

Oh its more durable... Yea the 3DS is already durable enough. I gave my 3DS to my sister when I got the XL and she has completely destroyed it but amazingly it still works and she plays it just fine still.

People say having no flip case is better for kids but I actually beg to differ. The first thing my sister broke on my 3DS was the screens they still work perfectly but they are cracked to shit, so seeing as this has the screen out in the open all the time.. Good luck with that.

I really don't get the things Nintendo does sometimes. Just seems like excessive milking in this case.. It really isn't that much cheaper than a 3DS and it sure as hell is built way cheaper but almost cost as much as a 3DS..

Yea what a great deal. Also if your 7 year old is breaking that many things do they really need a gaming system? No I don't think so, the only reason my little sister has one is simply because I use the XL now.

I knew damn well she couldn't take care of it but I figured at least someone would use it since I couldn't really resell it for much anyway.

BullyMangler2277d ago

and then the Nintendo 2DS XL in 2 more .

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