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Rhys from Awesome Games writes: 'Whenever Goichi Suda is working on a new title, the whole process is very much an event. You know whatever he churns out is going to be pants-on-head insane, yet wildly imaginative and a ton of fun to play. While this wasn’t necessarily the case with Lollipop Chainsaw, his previous works such as No More Heroes and Killer7 have been praised for their uncouth nature, being designed by a group of people unafraid to think outside the box. Whilst Suda’s latest by the name of Killer Is Dead is a little more faithful towards modern game design practices, his penchant for all things mental remains intact.'

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level 3602271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

"..the game is for a very specific audience." Says it all about Killer is Dead.

And true again about the high level of difficulty with the game play. Normal mode is already quite frustrating.

Fans Edition comes with a CD soundtrack ( am having a quick browse/listen to it while writing this comment - mix of *25 techno/metal/funk/rap music which are ok if you're into those types ).

The artbook and poster also looks very nice along with some cut-out diorama.

( Was reading a few other articles ( *not this one ) about the game, and on some it's like you can sort of feel like those writers' wants to imply that the game be banned or somthing.. )