Microsoft Phil Harrison interview – ‘absolutely no plans at all’ for Xbox One without Kinect

GameCentral speaks to the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Xbox business, about the Xbox One’s troubled unveiling and the future of Kinect.

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xHeavYx2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Man, he got grilled, finally an interviewer who doesn't let them go around in circles when he asks something.
This guy and Angry Joe should team up and do more interviews

iamnsuperman2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Quite refreshing. You don't see many interviews like this. Usually interviewers pussy foot around the important topics. This interviewer went all out. He should be commended on that

Kleptic2273d ago

sort of feel bad for the dude...He's been involved with back to back console announcement disasters...this interview was good...but remember, Phil was the guy at the initial Xbox One announcement that Kotaku caught contradicting himself, on the online check in policy, in 3 minutes flat...

darthv722273d ago

Its good that MS is sticking to this plan. Now that the formalities are out of the way, lets get back to what matters most.


shoddy2273d ago

Kinect will always be with you watching and listening.

Live with it

Enemy2273d ago

"GC: But for better or worse – and in many gamers’ eyes it was worse – there was a sense of leadership and vision there at the beginning. It was a genuinely different console than we’d seen before. How do you convince people that you still have a clear and distinctive vision when all your major policies are being dictated by Sony and by your own fans.

PH: Well, let’s…

GC: Because you wouldn’t have made those changes if Sony hadn’t had the E3 they did. I was there, at their media briefing, and they were chanting Sony’s name – and it wasn’t because they loved Sony, it was because they hated your policies."


Loki862273d ago

@ shoddy, yet you can completely unplug it now, try harder.

Thisisjuju2273d ago

Now that was an interview!

Although the answer to every question was all PR bulls**t.

gaffyh2273d ago

They keep saying it like people are going to believe it. If the console doesn't sell as well as MS expected, 100% guaranteed that there'll be a Kinect-less SKU. They are just waiting for the hardcore gamers, who will buy the system anyway at launch, to reduce their losses.

Enemy2273d ago

@ Loki86: Being able to unplug it doesn't mean you aren't being watched when it's on.

JokesOnYou2273d ago

Good the end of the day Kinect in every box is going to benefit all X1 owners and thats all I care about.

gaffyh2273d ago

@JOY - I agree, but that's IF it stays in the box, and MS has done so many U-turns, I really really doubt that there will not be a Kinect-less SKU at some point. And if that happens, it will split the fanbase, which will mean all those that bought the console with Kinect will basically have been charged for a peripheral that will be useless (in terms of games), because developers will stop supporting it.

JokesOnYou2273d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Not so many, just reversals on drm policies which was partly due to poor messaging and then the indie policy, which theyve frequently said they will try some of it on the digital side. So a little bit of trying to please everybody. Adding a headset was just an addtional incentive not a policy change but either way none of these are fundamental to the platform as far as HOW games and the X1 itself can be interacted with in new unique ways=kinect. Kinect selling from launch in every box will if nothing else be a useful part of the X1 experience so I see no incentive to remove it especially since if they were desperate to match sony price point kinect would have been the 1st and most obvious change for a cheaper price as it stands now clearly micro understands kinect is the differentiator for X1.

Kryptix2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

After Ubisoft's "It's not perfect, it'll never be perfect because it's one camera to detect 3D movements." statement, rather have developers just work on the core console's power instead of putting some of that time into the Kinect. I'm planning on getting an Xbox One down the line, but since I'm not into motion gaming, I'll wait till they release a Kinectless SKU. Even if it takes them 6 years to do it. I own a PS3 and Xbox 360 this gen and would want to own both the PS4 and Xbox One next gen to play all the AAAs. But PS4 first then Xbox One when the Kinect gets removed or price drops to $300.

trafalger2272d ago

I hate the pr crap. he never answered this directly,

"But I don’t understand where those initial policies came from. I don’t understand how you personally, who have so much experience in the games industry, could have thought they’d be accepted. I don’t understand how your market research could have failed so catastrophically, when five minutes with a tape recorder at any game shop would’ve avoided all that trouble. Do you now view those initial policies to be wrong and that your eyes have been opened? Were you genuinely surprised they caused the reaction they did?"

vague answers or no answer at all. earlier this year there were rumors about some of the stuff m$ wanted to do (and even sony). yet even afetr all the negative feedback on places like neogaf they still insisted on going that route all the way to there e3 press event. sony wisely took themselves out of that by just saying it's up to 3rd party. thats why they got a standing ovation, they heard loud and clear before e3. phil harrison completely dodged this question now. it was a cowardly response.

the only thing he confirmed was kinect will not be an option, it will be in every system and i think that is actually a wise move. i really think once people use it to navigate, sign-in and those sorts of things they will open up to the possibilities to how it can benefit games. so far m$ seems cautious about it being front and center to games. that didn't work out well on the x360 because technically it wasn't able to really do much justice.

that will be the hardest sell, how kinect benefits gamers on the hardcore level. using voice in games like dead rising 3 is a start.

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AngelicIceDiamond2273d ago

This is great so now people can quit complaining hopefully.

Kinect is good because devs can make games for it with out compromising hardcore gamers with Kinect only games. And MS can focus on that hardcore experience like they are now.

andrewsqual2273d ago

Except good system resources will be completely compromised, which alot of real gamers simply do not want.

Blachek2273d ago

andrew, all the magic happens in the Kinect... resources housed within the XB1 such as the ram will not be burdened by it's being connected.

AngelicIceDiamond2273d ago

@Andrew How do you know? MS has allot of IOS memory stored away for there use. I don't think anything will get compromised here.

Btw My statement isn't for the fanboys here. Everyone knows in the next 12 months MS will drop the price of X1 and Kinect will be way more affordable. That's what fanboys are pouting about.

Also they're mad because with Kinect being separate, MS will go back to there old ways and so they can say "MS has no games, just Kinect kiddy casual stuff!"

Why do they care about a console they despise is beyond me. Its a fanboy thing probably.

kreate2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

"Kinect is good because devs can make games for it with out compromising hardcore gamers with Kinect only games"

the problem here is that most devs dont want to make kinect games other than dancing and fitness games.

in order for this to work is if sony and nintendo also bundled their systems with kinect.

otherwise devs are gonna make a game that they can sell across various platforms without doing outrageous features just cuz one system out there has a kinect.

the likely games we're gonna see for kinect is part2 and part3 and part4 of the same ol' kinect games we saw from the xbox360.

if that's not the case, microsoft surely failed to justify any kinect related gaming on the xbox one.

the point here is that phil said 'devs can make games for kinect' but the reality is 'devs dont care about kinect'.

this further proves that if microsoft has more internal studios, they can make hardcore kinect games.

otherwise microsoft is basically throwing money and begging devs to make kinect games that nobody wants to make, nor anybody wants to play other than the xbox fanboys who may or may not mess with kinect games.

*just to let u guys know, i have kinect and i have kinect games, i gave a fair chance to kinect.

rainslacker2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )


Your statement is not true. While Kinect can process information and send the results onto the main program, it is still up to the main program to interpret those results.

Say for instance, a person moves their arm within a 3D space. You want to judge how far the arm moved in space. The Kinect doesn't take the distance it travels in real space, it simply gets a float Vector location for the points position within that space. It is then up to the program to decide between a starting point, and an ending point, how far that point has moved. Basically what I'm saying is that the Kinect isn't calculating the distance itself, just the location within a space upon each update.

In most cases, unless Kinect 2.0 changes something, all it's doing is sending Vector data for all the points that it calculates. This is why there is lag, because it takes time to calculate those Vectors on update, and then time for the program to do something useful with the variables.

Things like touching your hand to your head to bring up a HUD or whatever, that is also in software, although likely built into the X1 OS itself. The Kinect cant tell your head from your ass, the software gives those things their meaning.

The reason things like Move or WiiMote Plus are more accurate are because they use a simple physics distance calculation based on a fixed point. There is less processing involved.

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JoGam2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

I gotta give it to Phil, he kept calm and straight forward even though he probably wanted to cuss dude the phuck out. lol

Drekken2273d ago

Ugh... and yet every answer was a PR spinster answer. Nothing really direct at all. My favorite part was this following question and Phil gave some BS answer that had nothing to do with the question:

GC: But I don’t understand where those initial policies came from. I don’t understand how you personally, who have so much experience in the games industry, could have thought they’d be accepted. I don’t understand how your market research could have failed so catastrophically, when five minutes with a tape recorder at any game shop would’ve avoided all that trouble. Do you now view those initial policies to be wrong and that your eyes have been opened? Were you genuinely surprised they caused the reaction they did?

Andronix2273d ago

Respect to the interviewer for pushing Phil for a proper answer.

Too many 'journalist' from some of the big sites have written articles that sound like fluff pieces written by the PR team of a manufacturer. The bad journos have explained bad policies (since reversed) as being good.

I read one article on IGN where the shitty journo broke the news that FORZA 5 complete game would not be on the disc but would require a day 1 download to make the game work. The way the journo explained it was that it was a really good thing because it meant players would get the most up to date game possible, instead of saying the developer was behind schedule and gamers without internet wouldn't be able to play it, and that the whole game wouldn't work from disc. Obviously he got his words from Microsoft, but what did he get in return?

So I just wanna say well done David Jenkins.

TheHierarchy2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

'Microsoft Phil Harrison interview – ‘absolutely no plans at all’ for Xbox One without Kinect"

.....I am sorry but project spark would be super linear without kinect and smart glass. i just don't see any other way creators would make their content without it.

Kinect does have a purpose.

xHeavYx2273d ago

So, the fact that it's used for one game makes it a must have? What about the people who don't want Kinect related experiences?

Concertoine2272d ago

No, the favt that it CAN be useful for a game makes it worthwhile. That means there are probably more games that can make use of it.
As for the people who dont want kinect, they can unplug it. Big whoop.

2272d ago
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mewhy322273d ago ShowReplies(4)
360ICE2273d ago

Nr. Seven
Have a nice time in heaven. Kinect support this thick is enough to sedate a family of sick. What, did you buy an SKU without it? Sorry, that was poison in your kit.

jc485732273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

I was just wondering though. When I got the 360 bundle, I sold the kinect right away. I guess it's pointless to do that with the xbox one as every console is going to be coming with one. I also don't quite understand how a broken kinect would simply reduce some of the functionality of the console, but to what degree?

Godmars2902273d ago

So what happens if they do put the XB1 w/o it?

Hicken2273d ago

It's not that they literally have no plans. Actually, they've probably got a couple of different plans.

They just seriously hope they don't have to use those plans.

AllroundGamer2273d ago

those plans will go active once they see the launch sale numbers... flippityflip :)

T22273d ago

It can only be turned on by speaking nicely to it ...hence kinect is required....

"xbox on "
Xbox - "whats that , you cant say please, you think you all that ?"
"please xbox turn on"
Xbox "- I cant heeeaaaar you !"
" Please! Xbox on please!
Xbox - " rub my belly first "
"wtf" *punches xbox*
Xbox - " domestic abuse !!!, dialing 911,"

Its a joke, before I get run over by fanboys