Guerrilla Games on Free DLC For ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’

Guerrilla games reveals that PS4 exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall will have free multiplayer DLC maps
Developer says they will do it to “ensure everyone can play.”

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GarrusVakarian2276d ago

That's what i like to see, devs supporting their games. In an industry full of cutting content, online passes and microtransactions, its good to have some free dlc. Bravo GG.

FlunkinMonkey2276d ago

Bring it! I loved all the DLC maps for KZ2. Although they weren't used much for clan matches, they were always different and awesome.

jjb19812276d ago

How about that beach level? One of my favorites!

Enemy2276d ago

The least everyone could do at this point to support Guerrilla is buy Killzone: Shadow Fall. They've really been listening to their fans, and now they're giving us planned DLC as free.

In Guerilla we trust.

black0o2276d ago

great MOVE from GG and it'd be really great if all SONY 1st parties follow on this

if KZ:sF got great support from the fans i guess other studios may try it as will

Jaqen_Hghar2276d ago

A man is getting so much free on PS+ that he was considering not buying any retail games. Then he saw KZ's fully customizable and LBP esque MP and he needed it day 1! Best Buy at midnight here a man comes!

GarrusVakarian2276d ago

Haha hilarious comment. Hey, i need 3 people dead, what will it cost me?

CocoWolfie2276d ago

speaking of ps plus Jak Trilogy is also free for vita, it wasnt listed just the ps3 version, but if you search it... ^-^ urban trails freestyle, new little king story, and stealth inc are free too so, im pretty busy this month!

vigilante_man2276d ago

You are right about the Jak & Daxter Trilogy. I had the option to download for PS3 and/or Vita.

The PS3 versions have been downloaded and the games look great. The Vita version, done by another company, are said to be a very bad port to the Vita so I may not try them out. What a shame..

BoriboyShoGUN2276d ago

Awesome, of course this comes from the SONY camp :D

farrelljade2276d ago


southern hills is my all time favourite multiplayer map of all FPS ive played.

seedaripper19732276d ago

I assume on KZ1 (yeah, that map was special) there isn't enough love for the MP on KZ1?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2276d ago

wow free? on console??

Getting ps4..

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GiggMan2276d ago

I hope that everyone support devs that are willing to do things like this. Good job Guerilla Games I'll be there day 1.

Hopefully other devs will follow through (Doubt it though)

LoaMcLoa2276d ago

Good! All developers must know that paid-DLC maps/modes splits the community. They can release how many costumes and weapons they like but as long it doesn't constrain players from playing with each other.

Seriously, there was a time when it was so difficult to find a match in Halo 3 when half of the community had all the maps and the other half didn't..

Lunarassassin2276d ago

I thought i'd submit this purely because first party studios don't usually give away free DLCs, especially with new consoles.

jjb19812276d ago

How about crisis 2 when it felt like I was the only one that bought the decimation map pack. The one match I got to play out of it cost me 5.99. Booooo

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The story is too old to be commented.