The 2DS is a Great Idea that Isn’t Meant for Gamers

Zack at Gamer Thoughts says: "The gaming community really needs to start understanding that they may be the most dedicated to games, but it does not mean they are the only ones who play them. The 2DS is a fantastic idea that both young kids and parents of those kids will enjoy."

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kirbyu1881d ago

I cinda want to get one.

4logpc1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

I would feel better about it if it wasn't so cheap looking.

like make a 3ds just without the 3d.

Why should this be a gimped version without the clam shell design and stereo speakers?

I feel like that would be a much better product that would appeal to a lot more people.

BullyMangler1881d ago

this things rad . . those that have played with it even say it trumps the vita in the comfort zone . .

Then i will play the new Smash Bros on this new 2DS machine rather a 3DS dats for sure . .

The_Truth_24_71881d ago

Next, Nintendo will release a Wii u without the game pad.