The Nintendo 2DS Marks the Death of the 3D Fad

BNR: We've been talking about dying things a fair bit lately at BNR, and it's kind of saddening. A lot of neat stuff comes and goes in the world of gaming- such is the circle life. One fad from a couple years back was that of 3D. Suddenly, everything was "3D"- movies, televisions, game systems, cell phones- Sony developed a 3D TV that featured the ability to run a multiplayer game with one television- essentially, full screen split-screen. Recently, Nintendo has announced the "Nintendo 2DS", a hinge-free version of the 3DS featuring two screens and, surprise, no 3D.

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NYC_Gamer2267d ago

There isn't enough 3D content available for consumers to jump on the ship

3-4-52267d ago

I love my 3DS, only used the 3D feature for a total of about 5 minutes in the year I've owned it though. I play the games in 2D and I love it.

* What the 2DS is, is a "tryout" for what the future Nintendo handheld will be.

A few months ago they stated 3D won't be a main feature on the next handheld.

Mix that with the new design which is NOT clam shell and we see the direction they are going.

The next Nintendo Handheld will look like a Wii U gamepad, with a few minor tweaks.

If you are good at seeing what will impact the future then it's obvious why they did this. It makes a ton of sense really, and adds another option.

Eventually you will be able to get a 2DS for $100.

That is a steal!

Abdou0232267d ago

There will be no next Nintendo handheld, you heard it here first.

SilentNegotiator2267d ago

I always said a 3D screen was a waste of production cost for Nintendo. Most 3DS users don't really care about the feature; they all rushed in for one when the price was slashed down to a reasonable number. They could have had a cheaper system from the word "go" and done even better.

Yodagamer2267d ago

I loved the 3d effect it really makes some games hard to go back to unfortunately especially platformers :/ Unfortunately the 3d causes framerate issues in some games.

CRAIG6672267d ago

There are lots of 3D bluray discs, I plan on getting a new TV for the living room after console launches, and I plan on buying a 3D TV, prices are far more attractive now, I just can't see why you wouldn't buy 3D when upgrading your TV given the prices these days.
The set I am getting has -

2 pairs of 3D glasses included
Full HD 1980 x 1080 resolution
Passive 3D, 2D to 3D convertor
600Hz motion rate
Wi-Fi built in, Smart Viera browser
Freeview HD
Ultra slim metal bezel
Wireless LAN
Swipe and Share 2.0
4 x HDMI, 2x USB
H 69, W 101, D 26 cm (TV depth 3.5cm)
Weight: 12.5kg, weight with stand 14.5kg
Panasonic TX-L42ET60 42 inch LED 3D Smart TV

For 629 English pounds, it's a steal!!!

Totoro172267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I bought myself a 3D notebook a few years ago and found myself not really caring too much about it. I decided to give it another shot a few months ago and I honestly love 3D so much (I'm about to watch Rise of the Guardians on 3D Blu-Ray for like the 5th time after I'm done posting this). I think the problem with 3D is that it came very shortly afterwards people were integrating with HDTV's and people did/do not want to shell out another few thousand dollars for a new TV. I can't blame them. But hopefully all is not lost in 3D.

BullyMangler2267d ago

2DS brings a diff feel of comfort when playing games on it, a much smoother grip with this new handheld machine compared to 3DS cuffs = I will play new smash on this 2DS over 3DS machine.

GryestOfBluSkies2267d ago

the movie industry disagrees. but i can see how its fading. its too bad, because i think the tech is great

MoveTheGlow2267d ago

Oh, the film industry isn't disagreeing at all...

GryestOfBluSkies2267d ago

i only based my statement on the amount of 3d movies i still see coming out. time will tell for movies if they are going to move away from it

Transporter472267d ago

I did consider buying it but i'll wait to see it on a deal but if i see a 3dsxl for a better price i'd get that, waiting for black friday to decide.

XboxFun2267d ago

3D was a great gimmick, but it didn't add anything to games in a relevant way.

The tech was still to new for when these companies were pushing it.

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