Firefox logo spotted in space

It seems even the stars support the Firefox browser as shown by this image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope four years ago.

The image, snapped in March 2004 is of the variable star V838 Monocerotis, which lies near the edge of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Of course given enough time we're sure staying long enough into the picture you'll find a schooner, Jesus, and most like the logo's of 10 other companies including Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

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BilI Gates3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Lol that's awesome. Firefox ftw.

sonarus3930d ago

yea firefox ftw and all but this site is slowly drifting away from gaming news. too many un related gaming news

RecSpec3930d ago

Coming soon: Firefox logo spotted in a bowl of Rice Krispies.

The Wood3930d ago

the galaxy's browser of choice

rosebowl233930d ago

Firefox sucks. Stop spamming this bullsht browser all over N4G.

bootsielon3930d ago

You own an Xbox 360, and nothing else.

RealTimeWeaponChange3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

And let me guess, you just a PS3? You're drooling again.

EDIT: Am I talking to you? Mind your business.

JVIDICAN3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

who the heck is this person and why does he have 5 bubbles?
wait a that... Getpwned?...yup thats definetly Getpwned =(
now the only question is how does he still have 5 bubbles?

edit: so you are Getpwned then.
and your not talking to anyone your typing if its no ones bussiness u should of used a pm =P

RealTimeWeaponChange3930d ago

You're making things more complicated than they need to be.

JVIDICAN3930d ago

stop your trolling and well leave you alone Getpwned its simple as that.

RealTimeWeaponChange3930d ago

What trolling? This idiot above was being a fanboy, so I owned him back.

sonarus3930d ago

I think the mods need to get back to being more strict in the gamer zone. Its getting hectic again. By the time a couple more ppl get banned it will go back to normal

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Harry1903930d ago

acknowledge how good Firefox is.

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The story is too old to be commented.