Nintendo to cut price of deluxe Wii U by $50 Sept. 20 ahead of Xbox One-PS4 launches

With Sony's PlayStation 4 launching in the US on November 15th and Microsoft's Xbox One coming out sometime that same month in the US, it was perhaps inevitable that Nintendo would lower the price of its current game console, the Wii U, in order to compete with this heavy competition.

Today, Nintendo announced that the deluxe version of the Wii U will get a $50 price cut to $299.99 starting on September 20th in the US. This version of the console has a black color, contains 32 GB of storage, the free game Nintendoland, a console stand, a Wii U GamePad tracking bar and an offer to sign up to the Premium Nintendo Network. Nintendo will also release a limited edition version of the Deluxe Wii U that same day that will include the free game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, along with other extras, for the same price.

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mewhy322275d ago

Well that's one way to try and fight back. The Wii U has needed a price cut for some time now.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )


A wiiu with a regular controller plus new zelda = :D


"Lucky for you, it's compatible with the Pro Controller.

yes I Know but I still need to pay for the tablet that comes with it idiot..

wiiU would do much better with updated wiimote and pro controller.

What do I care about the failing console i guess.

Just don't care about the controller.

and now 2ds will bring more attention away from wiiU lol.

AKR2274d ago

Lucky for you, it's compatible with the Pro Controller.


ritsuka6662274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

[email protected]

This guy is a hater of Nintendo. (just look for the coment history ) so, don't give attention for this guy.

trafalger2274d ago

of course and somewhat predictable. sony came in actually quite low at $399 so that $349 wii u doesn't really resonate with potential consumers as much. especially since the wii u has been pretty slow getting system selling games.

the two things now going for nintendo is price and a year headstart which means some big games will be coming soon. the xbone and ps4 don't have too many games for 2013 that are exclusive system sellers.

Apex132274d ago

Sonys problem is that they will sell very well burr won't make money for how long? They can't keep thinking that's a sustainable and great business model.

If like Nintendo both Sony and. MS had in house games and made shit loads then it would make sense. Good luck to them but I believe Sony or Ms will be done after this next gan round is over.

N4g_null2274d ago

The 2ds bring in new gamers and could offset the wiiu price drop like the gba did. Plus once they are hooked mario 3d comes out... wii fit and wii party are there to perk up the casuals. The dk starts the hardcore march...

the big what if is what happens when the xone and ps4 are really out. Will demand die down until the pr loud mouths shut up and the real games start coming in?

some thing tells me sony looses a lot of adult gamers to pc gaming... we got 2 years till we see sonys best studios present something on par with tlou. Does pc hurt ms nope... they got a camera to make them different and a billion dollars.

also the 360 and ps3 are going to prove to be a problem as more games keep shipping on those platforms. It really is too bad backwards compatibility isnt in this new systems from those two, yet the used games market would gut the coming next gens.

its going to get interesting.... or ethier become a wii type of situation.

sincitysir12274d ago

the 2 ds is fugly. no lie. id be embarrassed to carry that thing around.

and does pc hurt microsoft or sony? um not really. sure the pc market is slowly growing but many people stick to consoles. not saying people who get pc's dont drop their console. sure but what your saying is because of kinect that leaves microsoft safe from people switching to pc? i have both a pc and ps3. i plan on also getting a ps4. your point is moot as you have no real facts to back up your ridiculous statement.


Dan_scruggs2274d ago

It's for six year old childeren according to Reggie. So it's perfect for you.

sincitysir12274d ago

you comment makes no sense. how am i a 6 year old?

Kevlar0092274d ago

The WindWaker HD bundle is a great deal (at least I think it is)

MadMen2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

WiiU is dead.

The Wii IMO will still whip up on next gen systems if Nintendo sells it at $99 w game.

C-Thunder2274d ago

I see someone doesn't like good games.

PopRocks3592274d ago

Nah, he's just a troll. Quite literally, most if not all of his comments in Wii U articles start with "Wii U is dead" or some lame variant of the phrase. Check his comment history if you don't believe me.

Just bubble him down and be done with it.

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