Sony's Shrewd Move Levels the PS4 vs. Xbox One Playing Field

"As deadline-friendly as the Nov. 15 info may be, it doesn't hold a candle to the importance of Sony's recent deal with Viacom. ...Thank you, Sony, for leveling the playing field. All of us, gamers and entertainment buffs alike, will have much better content options because of it."

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mewhy321880d ago

this is n't really a concern for hardcore gamers. The fact that the PS4 is the most powerful gaming console ever conceived with the best exclusives in the industry is all that matters to true hardcore gamers.

BallsEye1880d ago

1. You don't have ps4 yet.
2. It actually might not be most powerful. We will wait and see, MS revealed some good info recently
3. There are no best exclusives in gaming history yet on ps4 let alone hardcore exclusive games (killzone...KNACK???).
4. The above shows you are a blind fanboy.

Jaqen_Hghar1880d ago

yes MS customized their system's parts. Guess what? So did Sony. Every console is customized. Xbots touting customized CPUs and RAM allocations are just grasping at straws because it's pretty obvious Sony has customized PS4 to be better for gaming as well. Also KZ's MP looked SICK and that trailer with all the customization and 60fps MP swayed a man from BF4 to KZ SF for his launch game.

USMC_POLICE1880d ago

I'm sorry I cannot vouch for knack but I'll take killzone over halo any day. And I've played all the halos 2 was the last one I liked. If were going after the huge titles forza vs granturismo that's a joke might as well compare need for speed shift to gran turismo

Tw1tch3D1880d ago

@ Jaqen_Hghar

Of course both consoles are highly optimized. But Xbox One TRULY is customized from the ground up with silicon die as a whole. It's not simply designing around the Kabini and optimizing it's components like current gen or PS4 with beefier components.

marchinggamer1880d ago

You don't know how powerful it is unless a genie told you

mewhy321880d ago

anyone that knows anything about hardware knows that equal cpus, but gddr5 is better than ddr3, and a 50% more powerful GPU is 50% more powerful. ROFL. Wow. Not hard to understand.

marchinggamer1880d ago

@mewhy32 "anybody that knows anything about hardware" would know gddr5 is slower than DDR3 and gdddr5 is for the GPU not the CPU and you don't know how powerful there GPUs are!

GrandTheftZamboni1880d ago


"gddr5 is slower than DDR3"

Who told you that? Same guys that chose solder for their hardware (forgot RROD already)?

thoract1880d ago


It is hard to accept if you're an Xbox fanboy. With the whole internet plastered with specs on both systems, xbox fanboys continue to say it is all still rumor.

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H0RSE1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )


"The fact that the PS4 is the most powerful gaming console ever conceived with the best exclusives in the industry is all that matters to true hardcore gamers."

- Really? So "true" "hardcore" gamers are 1) only playing on console, and 2) are using system specs and hardware capabilities as deciding factors as to which console to buy?... funny, because I always thought people bought console based off which games/services they offer.

The fact that PS4 is sporting better numbers, (on paper only mind you) is largely just a coincidental point raised by PS4 fans to bolster their arguments in the "console wars." your inclusion of "best" exclusives, is completely opinion-based, stated as fact.

Regardless which console is more powerful, the important thing is that games released on both systems are largely going to look the same, with any sort of difference coming from exclusives. Pointing this out is important, since it makes having the more powerful system a bit lackluster when the end results are largely equal - it then becomes, like I mentioned, more about bragging just to brag.

Also, your "true" gamer rhetoric is an informal fallacy known as "No True Scotsman."

Dakriz1880d ago

GUYS calm down look at there comments if they had half a brain they'd read an instruct them self on the difference between GDDR5 and DDR3. REMEMBER they said PS3 was the most powerful system ever, weird multiplat look like crap, so lets just game and top the hate Sony Hardware rape people MS Software rape people, Bravia pricier but LG TV Way better so now run Sony lovers Blog and hate LG for a far better product o and I DualPlay on my Xbox 360 But my Ps3 is recognized by my TV as a non-HD system. So run Hate the LG please. Sorry to of topic lol.

slampunk1880d ago

Yep that's right Horse, hardcore gamers only game on one console.......LMFAO

Sayai jin1880d ago

LOL...Some people on here sound like sales people for their favored console!

Just buy the console or consoles you like and play the games you like. It's that simple. If you prefer a specific console, that's cool!... but those drawing fake battle lines and fighting a imaginary war for a 3rd party...stop please!

Most hardcore gamers love games and play them not specs, sales, etc.

QuickdrawMcgraw1880d ago

Careful mewhy.The majority here on N4Xbox do not like hearing facts.Be prepared for the usual incoming bombardments of insults instead of factual counter arguments.

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GarrusVakarian1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )


Can i borrow some of your psychic powers?

GryestOfBluSkies1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

ps4, xbox...i dont care which it is, i still don't give a damn about tv features

amnalehu1880d ago

It does effect the hard core gamers as well. If the mainstream largely adopt the the PS4 over the Xbox 1 because of it's multi-media functions as well as it's ability to play games, this could put Sony in a better position to negotiate exclusive titles with 3rd part devs. It does matter and Sony understands this which is why they are positioning themselves now.

SilentGuard1880d ago

Sony has the right idea in replacing the cable box entirely. MS should have offered a cable service through the One instead of still requiring a seperate cable subscription and cable box plugged into the console.