Dark Souls: Ballad of the Dark Lord

In this original video, we explore the lore of Dark Souls through the conception of the pygmy’s dark soul, looking into the mind of the darkwraith and then leaping through time to the extinguishing of Lord Gwyn’s Fire Link by the Dark Lord.

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user74029312271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

one of my favorite games ever made.

ZBlacktt2271d ago

That's a great video to watch.

Blacktric2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

It was far from great. Especially when you add the fact that someone who's retarded enough did an extra voiceover job for no reason whatsoever other than to make the video... "better" and more in the tune of the world of Dark Souls. Although it just ended up making it horrible.

It's just 5 minutes of speculative bullshit that assumes everything Kaathe says as the truth.

ShugaCane2271d ago

Do you have to be rude to express your opinion ?

Blacktric2271d ago

I'll be sure to not offend you the next time when I'm writing a comment regarding a video made by a half-wit that spreads misleading information.

Bimkoblerutso2271d ago

Yeah, that was pretty dang cheesy. The voiceover really made it cringe-worthy.

EpicNameBro does MUCH better videos all around and without any of that pretension.

TerraMantis2270d ago

It's fine, I can take it or I wouldn't post things to the internet -- the land of manners and basic human decency. This retarded, pretentious half-wit has thick skin.

Look at that thumbnail image though... they can't talk shit about that at least.

ZBlacktt2270d ago

Some sit and do nothing in life but complain. While others seek out and do things. I see the value and commend you on that.

Dagobert2271d ago

Ok... This is some serious roleplay shit. It's stupid.