September events for 'Animal Crossing: New Leaf'

Tanya Valdez writes: Here is a list of Animal Crossing: New Leaf goodness that we can all look forward to, as we say goodbye to August and welcome in September.

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RuleNumber51967d ago

Is it bad that I cannot stop playing this game? I'm actually considering going to ACA meetings on Saturdays. It's become an addiction I can't control.

Kamikaze81967d ago

Wish I had the time to put into it each day...haven't touched it in weeks.

Beatboxtaun1967d ago

How could you not? I literally can't go without a few minutes a day.

Tewi-Inaba1967d ago

God Damn Freaking Quillson
Why won't you move out
I havnt talked to you in a MONTH
why are you still here?

Beatboxtaun1967d ago

Talk to Isabelle; you can get her to kick Quillson out. =)