Game Vortex: Dark Sector Review

Game Vortex writes: "Dark Sector pulls out all of the visual stops and looks great. Unfortunately, it is so dark that you probably won't be able to enjoy all of the nice details. There's an in-game way to adjust brightness (something more games need, especially if they're going to insist on depicting nothing but dark, dank shades-of-grey environments), though even with some tweaking I had to squint to make out things. Outdoor environments look best; interior environments look good, though they eventually all blend into each other.

The same goes for enemy characters. Except for slight color variations, everyone looks the same. The cool thing about enemies is that you can decapitate or maim them in a variety of ways using your blade. Nearly every body part can be chopped off, giving an added bit of satisfaction each time you take out an enemy. Even better, you can steer the blade to get a precise, and up-close, view of the kill."

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