NBA 2K14 - Official Trailer

GS:Check out this official trailer for the current gen version of NBA 2K14, with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions coming soon.

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badboy7761875d ago

Now lets put it up against last years NBA 2K13 Trailer.

STANK081875d ago

2k13 trailer was better.

Apex131875d ago

WOW the game looks terrible and very current gen

Khajiit861875d ago

Cant wait to play it on my ps4.

JRH77831875d ago

The PS4 Pre-Alpha trailer was killing this graphically speaking. I guess it should since it's next-gen, but the difference is so big in my opinion that I can't play the current gen anymore.

The players and graphics all look the same and I am gladly waiting on the PS4 version.

Khajiit861875d ago

Im not getting 2k until I get a ps4. It will just be so much fresher experiencing it for the first time on next gen.