How Are You Preparing for GTA IV's Arrival?

Kotaku writes:

"Grand Theft Auto IV has been on pre-order in my Amazon account ever since I got laid off last May and bought a lot of crap with my severance. The original release date was, what, October? At that time I thought I'd still be looking for work, and GTA is one of the great unemployed game franchises of all time. But fortunately (or not, if you have really distorted priorities) I have a job now."

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BigKev453842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Camping out. Sike, I'll never do that now. I'll just walk right in to Gamestop & pick up my pre-paid copy right after work.

Crazyglues3842d ago

They have a sign out front that says you can pre-order it here, which was a huge shock to me but since is right down the block from my house, I thought what the hell.

I'll give it a shot... gives me a chance to get my hands on the game nice and quick.

Also I've been going crazy making background pictures for my PS3 because I have not better to do at this point... LoL

check them out here -

Then click on page 5..

I'm still making some more. Going to do some MGS4 ones too.

sonarus3842d ago

By doing the same thing i do with every game launch...try to take over the world

Seriously no camping out for me. Might not even be day one. If i have nothing to do then i'll pick up my copy. No matter what gamstop wants you to think, the game won't sell out they will have plenty stock

Genesis53842d ago

How am I preparing? I'm digging trenches and buying lots of bottled water!

Breakfast3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

lol @ sonarus.

I use to like that show when i was younger. I watched it recently, and i think I must have been on crack as a kid...

@ Sonarus're a champ :) ...THIS IS THE ANA-MANI-ACS...forgot the rest...i know he tune though.

sonarus3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Pinky and the breain was ok but animaniacs was FANTASTIC lol

Its time for animaniacs/ we are zany to the max/ so just sit back and relax you'll laugh to you collapse/ its animaniacs

Lol thats all i remember but was definitely one of my favourite cartoons

mikeslemonade3842d ago

Finger pullups/pushups and wrist curls. I will be able to game alot longer than all you Mofos.

NO_PUDding3842d ago

Read how to prepare for a nuclear holocaust, and I pretty much going to apply myself to it's tips.

I am beign very sarcastic. I actually can't wait till it's out so there aren't stories abotu GTAIV every five seconds. It was cool even a week ago, but there is suddenly too many.

JsonHenry3842d ago

I **might** rent it from Gamefly. But that is a maybe. It has been the same game over and over since GTA3 (which was amazing during its time) that I really don't care about the GTA series anymore.

But if I read reviews and there seems to be a lot of new gameplay/challenges that brings some fresh air to the series other than an upgraded graphics engine then I will pick it up.

RJ20003841d ago

Ha good luck Gameflying it...

JsonHenry3841d ago

All you have to do is call and complain and you have it in three days time. Especially if you say the only reason you have gamefly is because of new titles, otherwise you might as well wait at blockbuster for it like everyone else.

You will be surprised how fast you get a copy.

Science_NERD3841d ago

Thank goodness finals are done before this game comes out, but still its only gta4, I didnt even have to pay for mine thanks to the 3 game trade in and its free at ebgames, i'll do the same for mgs4 hahaha

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Kaz Hirai3842d ago

I am pacing back and forth impatiently in the towers of Sony HQ!
Sony Soldiers- only 17 days left! 17 days until the world stands still with the release of GTA4!


BLUR1113842d ago

yea i'm sure you will be playing it...

Clinton5143842d ago

It's just a game and I have mine pre-ordered. I'm not fiending to play it like many others are but I will enjoy it when I do get my hands on it.

eagle213842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

This game will sell like 6 million in the first week worldwide. That's my guess. :)

crimsonfox3842d ago

imm still playing gta:sa so maybe still play that and some other stuff i put im gzone "wax my turtle" 0_0