The LittleBig Last of Us

There’s been a lot of Little Big news lately. First they were all excited to tell you about Little Big Planet Hub, now they’re all excited to tell you the LittleBiggest news of all, The Last of Us costume packs have come to LittleBigPlanet.

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lnvisibleMan1878d ago

Unfortunately I missed Gamescom. Can anyone tell me what the Little Big Planet Hub is?

Godmars2901878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Free to play access to community games and tools to make your own levels.

Thought it was for PS4 though.

Thatmattkid1878d ago

haha Why has someone disagreed with this? I disagree that you don't know what Little Big Planet Hub is, you obviously know what it is,doesn't everyone!! haha crazy.

To answer your question LBPH is essentially a free to play version of the Little big Planet, except you can buy the outfits, materials, props etc that you want compared to the full game where you have to play through the campaign to unlock them. Then you can publish and share your outfits and levels for people to play just like the full game.

I'm surprised this isn't bigger news in fairness as it's a fantastic offer, sadly I think everyone (including myself) was expecting to see a LBP3 announcement.

CynthiaRose1878d ago

There's a link in the story, basically LBP 1 and 2 with all creation tools, for free.

lnvisibleMan1878d ago

Thanks for info. Apart from Tearaway for vita do MEDIA MOLECULE have anything planned for ps4?

CynthiaRose1878d ago

Nothing I've heard of yet. So, probably something.

ziggurcat1878d ago

they have something, but we don't know what it is yet.

the tech demo they showed at the PS4 reveal might be a bit of an indication, though...

Hicken1878d ago

Yeah, it's not official news, but the tech demo they showed off at the reveal is related to whatever they're making on PS4.

That's about all we know about it, though.

MestreRothN4G1878d ago

"There's a link in the story, basically PIECES OF LBP 1 and 2 with SOME creation tools, for free."

Fixed it.

ziggurcat1878d ago

anyone know what the "huge" LBP announcement was last month?

ziggurcat1878d ago

+ bub for helpful. thanks!

Reverent1878d ago

We also need a David costume. Lol.

Godmars2901878d ago

Wonder if this can be thought of as "A generous demo"?