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Deep within the business centre of the Koelnmesse in Cologne, hidden away amongst the copious amounts of stands privately previewing the latest games, Cloud Imperium studio head and creator of the Wing Commander franchise Chris Roberts was presenting an early look at the first playable part of Star Citizen - the Hanger Module - which will allow players to walk around and interact with the ships they have purchased via pledging to the crowdfunding campaign.

Ahead of its release to all backers this Thursday, I was invited to join in on a press session at Gamescom to see the Hanger Module in action before its public unveiling last Saturday, as well as to sit down with Chris and chat about the project's progress so far. We've got it all for your viewing pleasure, right after the jump.

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BludoDaSmelly2788d ago

Hangar module is tommorrow!!!

webeblazing2788d ago

i give me nowww!!!
and they say pc dont have games. i guess it makes them feel better to be and in denial.