The 2DS is ridiculous

From the article, "What the hell, Nintendo? No, seriously, what is wrong with you. Look at that monstrosity of a 2DS at the right. Just look at it. Do you honestly think this is a good idea? Do you really think people want a 3DS model like this? No. No they do not. I’m one of said people, and I can see right now that this is a bad idea. It’s such a bad idea, that it has to be capitalized. This is a Very Bad Idea."

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ritsuka6661880d ago

Let's just wait till the thing comes out and judge then, shall we haters?

Thisisjuju1880d ago

No it does look pointless.

A 3DS without the 3D that cant fit in your pocket.

PopRocks3591880d ago

I hate to say it, but I kind of have to agree. The only real plus to this device is it's very a cheap for a dedicated gaming device. I think it's meant to be for small kids, but other than that...

abzdine1880d ago

a 3DS without 3D is called NDS.
this console is stupid to me, no matter how much of it they will sell. i think 3D adds a nice dimension to the games

cero551880d ago

Why do you think nintendo changed the name to "2ds"

guitarded771880d ago

Hmm... I'm not a 3DS fan, but I thought it was pretty cool. I like the design... perfect for kicking around the house, and I see how it would be good for young kids. My nephews and nieces are always messing with their parents phones, and this is a design they are familiar with, and won't pinch their fingers on.

If it had the XL screen and 3D, I'd be inclined to buy one for myself. If it had those features and a charge cradle, it would look pimp nestled between my Wii U gamepad and Vita on their docking stations.

Also, It's got a great low price point for someone who just wants to play Animal Crossing, or some other 3DS exclusive.

CocoWolfie1880d ago

yeah a flippable, or vita size portable console is great fits in your pocket, take it anywhere, this.. this is something you keep at home? i dunno :p

grahf1880d ago

I am looking forward to demoing this unit. When I tried the 3DS for the first time, I went full blown migraine in about 1 minute flat. Both of my kids have a 3DS, and whenever I try to play with the 3D off, it still looks wrong to me and I get eye strain & a headache if I play too long (10-15 minutes).

This is not due to a product defect, but rather I have the defect!

If the top screen is just a standard LCD like the DS or a smartphone, then the 2DS is 100% aimed at me.

By the way, who the heck carries a 3DS in their pocket, let alone an XL?!!? The Advance SP or GB Pocket were good pocket systems!

Points of view are valid for YOU, not everyone else.

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Fierce Musashi1880d ago


However, I don't think it's meant for anyone other than kids and those still uncertain about the whole 3D concept.

In my opinion, It should have came out a long time ago.

BullyMangler1880d ago

this new 2DS brings a diff grip of comfort when playing games on it, groovier shoulder buttons and diff build = completely different gaming machine compared with 3DS.

Its not that it just dsnt have Stereo 3D or that 3D in for gaming is a scam lol haters

klecser1880d ago

This is just another market for the handheld. Are you not part of that market? Ok. But that doesn't mean it isn't a marketable product.

Gamers have a way of rejecting anything not directly tailored to them personally. I am not interested in the 2DS. But other people might be, and I have the empathy to acknowledge that their needs might be different from mine.

Gamers should never reject anything that potentially brings more gamers into the market, as silly as this looks to many of us.

Thisisjuju1880d ago

I think you speak the truth here. I certainly don't like the look of the product but I don't think I am its target market.

I think this is aimed at parents/children.

1880d ago
kirbyu1880d ago

On the third and last paragraph, the writer is really overreacting. Especially the third one.

I understand why they made this, they want to give people that don't like the 3D feature a less expensive product, but why did they design it so badly? Maybe the button layout isn't as bad as I think it is. But why can't it be closable?

Baka-akaB1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

How is that ridiculous ? I can't name a single person in my life that plays with 3d activated , despite knowing tons of 3ds owners .

The cheaper the 3ds the better .

I just dont like the shape , but then again , bare ease of transport , it's useless to close it anyway

LeShin1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

The reason I think this is ridiculous? Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the 3DS have a dial which can turn the 3D off?!

So what the hell is the point of this?

...and it's not even as ergonomic as the original...

AznGaara1880d ago

What's the point? It's cheaper. If you don't have a 3Ds and want one, you can get the 2Ds plus a game for the same price as a regular 3Ds. Who would really pass on that?

AznGaara1880d ago

Yeah I play with the 3D off 95% of the time. It bothersome really. Have to hold it at the right angle and it kills battery. This is a nice alternative. But it doesn't change the fact that it looks... Very... Very... Ugly lol.

Baka-akaB1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )


That's not the point . The 3d tech is a pointless extra cost so far .

We could have had a much cheaper 3ds from the start without a unused gimmick . And without that new ugly redesign . Sure they they'd still redesign one once everywhile , but would be forced to find something else to justify a change

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