Top 5 Consoles Uglier than the Nintendo 2DS

"Well, no matter how ugly you think this is, there are a few worse looking consoles. Not a lot but a few. Here they are:" says CalmDownTom

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ritsuka6661880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

The design looks fine to me and you know whats pathetic people who own a 3DS are the ones complaining. If you own a 3DS you don't need the new 2DS.

Thisisjuju1880d ago

I don't own a 3DS.

It looks s**t.

mewhy321880d ago

the xbone looks like a 1980's VCR. It should be top of the list.

PopRocks3591880d ago

Gotta disagree man. A dual-screen game console that can't fold and close? I have to wonder what the heck Nintendo was thinking on that one. It's only strength is being really cheap.

grimmweisse1880d ago

I don't own one, and I find it hideous. Should ask my wife, she owns one.

Thisisjuju1880d ago

@ PopRocks359

I think its marketed to younger children and parents.

The lack of a folding screen is just one less thing to break :)

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russy911880d ago

Its fugly its like a door stop or cheese wedge

Ripsta7th1880d ago

Still Looks better than your face c;

gaelic_laoch1880d ago

Jaysus the 2DS makes the xbone look like Angelina Jolie in comparison!

nevin11880d ago

PSP is best looking portable.

Bhuahahaha1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

i disagree at the 3do being 1

the design looks good at that time