Nintendo: two steps forward, one step back

Ben Wright of GamersBliss writes:
"This is just a perfect business move on Nintendo’s part. They know that their console is selling like hot chocolate in the Sahara Desert, and, despite months of saying they wouldn’t do a price drop, I think that we all saw this coming...Alongside the Wii U price drop announcement Nintendo also announced the release of a new DS, nope, not a 4DS that manages to bend time so you can play hours of games and have only minutes pass in real time, but in fact a 2DS, basically a 3DS that you can’t close…"

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iamnsuperman2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

What I don't get is the price difference. 3DS is $178 on amazon (£135 Game) the 2DS is $130 (£109 Game). That isn't much of a difference. I get making the thing seem robust for children but it needs to be a sub $100 price point as the prices are too close to each other (hell the UK prices are 21 quid from each other)

_QQ_2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

50$ is a pretty big difference if you are a parent looking to get your kid something cheaper. but honestly this deal doesn't mean much for most gamers.

iamnsuperman2272d ago

You are probably right. I am not sure how much $50 is to an American. I know £21 isn't a great deal of a difference

Link2DaFutcha2272d ago

It's not much, a 50$ drop sweetens the deal a little bit, but the real draw is going to be the games, at least for the Wii U.

_QQ_2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Also consider how many little kids saving up their xmas and birthday money for 3ds will be happy to hear they can save 50$

Nevers0ft2271d ago

It seems to me that the main draw of the 2DS is for parents of younger kids who are concerned about the *possible* eye problems the 3D can cause and/or the inherent weakness of a hinged screen.

Dan_scruggs2272d ago

First everyone bitches about having 3D pushed on them. Then Nintendo gives everyone a cheaper non 3D option and everyone is still bitching. Figures.

staticdash222272d ago

This is sounding more and more like SEGA to me. So many different versions of the same thing.

thaimasker2271d ago

The huge difference there is that most of Nintendo's version of the same thing are selling extremely well. So they must be doing something right

_QQ_2271d ago

how many ps3 models did we get again?

miyamoto2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

As usual, like with the DS, I am on the fence for 3DS until Nintendo makes the real last revision of their latest kiddie toy.

I am sure Ninty was so proud of their 'stolen' gimmick back in the day only to take it away in the end.

Kingthrash3602271d ago

its not that ppl are bit*hing its just the 3ds has super major success while the wiiu is haveing the worst....3ds 1st wiiu last.
my thing is why focus on the 3ds? yeah you price dropped wiiu and thats AWSOME! but the 2ds money could have went into developing more wiiu&3ds games. I see the 2ds ending up like psp go. anyone who has a 3ds wont buy a 2ds because its a step back from 3ds. kids have a 3ds already....smh cmon Nintendo make some new ips and stop being wasteful.

Link2DaFutcha2271d ago

I think people are more baffled as to why the non 3D option has to be a single piece, eliminating the charm, and safe keeping, of the 3DS

Dan_scruggs2271d ago

It's aimed at small children. They sturdy design means kids are less likely to break it. I have personally seen a DS bent in half on a couple of occasions.

Link2DaFutcha2271d ago

Agreed, I could definitely see it for smaller kids, but on that same topic I feel like kids are just going to toss it around and are more likely to drop/scratch it, or just throw it in a bag and snag the control stick on something. I'm sure they're making it durable as heck, but I feel like if that's the point it should ahve a free case for it, or some kind of cover, like the iPad, just to protect it from minor scratches etc. Also, maybe if the kid is breaking the DS in half, maybe, just maybe, they're too young for it, but that's a different discussion all together.

live2play2271d ago

Nintendo said this is for kids under six. Tell me that you haven't seen kids play with a tablet, be it an iPad or a big phone.
look at how the 2ds looks, it resembles a tablet like device

genius move

Link2DaFutcha2271d ago

I definitely see kids playing with tablets, but it's usually their parent's tablets and under a moderate level of supervision, I think the design, for a portable gaming device, is going to lead to a lot of breaking thumbsticks and screens if they don't build it well.

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TheEvilWithin2272d ago

I'm sorry I feel like this is a smart move for Nintendo. I can now buy my 3 year old and my 4 year old a 2DS and not worry about how there treating it because I don't have to worry about them breaking the pins cause it can't flip open or shut. Nintendo even said this was not for the hardcore audience this is for the little kids who want to get into gaming but are to young to do so. They now have this model of handheld for all the little up and coming gamers.

ALOT of people don't know how VITAL Nintendo is to the gaming market. With the success of the Wii and the DS Nintendo has made a lot of people who were not ever going to get into gaming gamers now. People need to understand Nintendo plays a HUGE role in the world of gaming. Agree or disagree history has proven this right.

Link2DaFutcha2271d ago

Not to be a debbie downer, but personally I think 3 and 4 are way too young for video games, while they do greatly encourage reading, critical thinking, and problem solving, i think it is healthier for kids that young to get more experience doing those things in the real world than diving into the digital so early

TheEvilWithin2271d ago

When there home and I'm trying to clean the house or want them to sit while I try to sit and relax after a long day that little 2DS is worth every little cent.

Plus as a parent of 4 I totally encourage out door activity but at the same time during winter time and on rainy days this is going to be a life saver.

NSANiTY2272d ago

Not bad. Especially for kids. And I don't get how it says it wouldn't be comfortable to hold. I for one like that the stick and buttons are higher up. If my original 3DS breaks, then this looks like a great replacement option. Kids won't be able to shake the top half of the 3DS until it gets all loose anymore, heh.

live2play2271d ago

This is basically a tablet device
people have never complained about an ipads shape. Even kids are able to play angry birds or see movies on tablets.

they can't seem to realize this device is not dedicated to a hard-core gamer or someone who already loves hos XL

Thepcz2271d ago

does anyone else think 2DS looks like a tablet?

i think nintendos next console will be a tablet for sure. it seems nintendo are slowly bridging that gap between consoles and tablets with their latest products.. first wiius controller, now this 2ds.

live2play2271d ago

I do not think they realize it yet.
everyone is complaining about how it will be uncomfortable to hold and ugly design. But its meant to be more of a tablet device, kids under six love tablets their big sturdy and not easily bent like a ds would be.

but somehow people think Nintendo is trying to replace the 3ds

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