Destiny wins at Gamescom, but loses in social media

GameZone writes, "Destiny may have won the most awards at Gamescom last week, but when it comes to "conversation and buzz" surrounding the title, there were quite a few games at the show which performed better in the social media aspect."

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mewhy322276d ago

Destiny is going to be amazing on the PS4. Let's just hope that it doesn't get held back by lowest common denominator development ie. the bone.

malokevi2276d ago

If they had given us some new gameplay, like Respawn did, there would be a lot more buzz.

What do they expect when they show the same thing over and over? People lose interest.

black0o2276d ago

the buzz always on exclusive titles .. if destiny were exclusive it 'd been on the highlight on every site

look at MGS5 since the game become multi-plat it lost alot of attention .. in past MGS were at center of E3 the main event at ps3 revel and ps2 i ""guess???"

malokevi2276d ago

But then, as with Destiny, MGS has given us nothing new since E3.

All the games that actually bothered to show up with something interesting at gamescom got some attention. Hell, I'm even down with Zoo Tycoon after the event.

Of course what you say obviously has some truth to it... but it's not so black and white.

joab7772275d ago

I agree. It was exactly the same. Dont get me wrong. This is one of my most anticipated games. But, unlike titanfall and many others, we dint really know what the hell it is exactly. It is and isn't an mmofps game. Theres co op and competitive alongside a deep rpg space/open world game. Its a lot to grasp and more footage would have been nice.

How do u do legend and a heavy solo focused sp alongside all these other players? What about r spaceship? Is there going to be endgame content or dungeons? How does the leveling work? How does competitive work? Are there designated areas etc.? This game should have no trouble developing hype.

Instead of saying its like star wars or gonna be...give us another gameplay trailer that shows us the vision for launch and down the road. Its an amazing concept that's in good hands but its being handled in a very conservative manner.

torchic2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

the game isn't due out til some time next year. I'm pretty sure the "lowkey" presence at Gamescom was planned. weren't many of the demonstrations behind closed doors?

Activision have the best marketing dudes in the industry. when the time comes to ramp up buzz for the game we will damn well know it

anywho Destiny is the shooter I'm most looking forward to cannot wait!

malokevi2275d ago

No doubt. Bungie is a lot like R* in that respect... they both know how to keep their mouth shut.

We will all be better off for it, at the end of the day. Destiny will almost certainly shock and awe. But for now, I just wanna see more :D

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Benchm4rk2275d ago

The game is going to be amazing on all platforms, current gen included. Why do you have to constantly troll and put down the XB1. Seriously dude grow up already.

christocolus2275d ago

@benchm4rk forget those guys...the xbox one will picking up steam and thins can only get better from here on...titanfall and the xbox one are everywhere i look and the media has been giving the console alot of positive attention of really has turned things around...

TenBensons2275d ago

I agree that the XB1 hate is futile as it will be a success, but for me it's MS.

Brand loyalty has to be one of the dumbest things someone can have.

I lost faith in them after nearly a decade of gaming with their machines and it will take a long time before I consider giving them any of my hard earned money.

So Sony and PS4 it is for the foreseeable future. That's not to say Sony are perfect but they are the lesser of two 'evils' and if they had followed suit with all the same restrictions, then I would have not have bothered with either and stuck with just PC gaming.

trafalger2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

just think for a second of what he just said. these new consoles coming are already behind todays pc technology.

this is what makes sony fanboys look even more ridiculous than they already do. the xbox is sony's biggest competitor and that is why there is such an emphasis to downplay the xbox every chance they get. it also explains why they hate (absolutely can't stand) the pc being brought up every time sony fanboys start acting like elitists. the pc puts it all into perspective.

what's even more hilarious is seeing them all of the sudden be pc fans when wanting to talk about exclusives. now all of the sudden games like titanfall will be bought on the pc. they will say anything to bring down the xbox. ever notice how they rarely ever talk about nintendo? again its because the xbox is sony's biggest competitor.

it's too bad everyone can't simply say destiny looks great and leave it at that. there seems to be this desire (mostly just for attention) to have this constant and unnecessary rivalry. where the actual gaming aspect is not the focus and coincidentally more often it all starts from sony fanboys .

AngelicIceDiamond2275d ago

This Why kid never gives up, he just doesn't stop.


Bungie didn't show off any new vids, which leads me to believe it wasn't the most talked about. But one at Gamescom due to its high anticipation and hype.

thrust2275d ago

Its an online game xbox live baby!

enough said.

Funantic12275d ago

@mewhy32 I don't know but with all the new info on the X1's superior CPU and mysterious advanced architecture the X1's version might give the PS4'd version a run for it's money.

2275d ago
IQUITN4G2275d ago

I wonder if Bungie realises Destiny is only going to good on PS4? Someone should let them know

humbleopinion2275d ago

Probably one of the dumbest comments I've seen considering this is a game developed for current gen consoles as well: The lowest common denominator will probably be the PS3. While looking visually stunning, it's not a proper next gen only game.

spicelicka2275d ago

Lol stop trying so hard, you should be glad bungie's magic hands are even reaching the ps4.

And they haven't even announced what the exclusive content would be. Probably just a few skins and an extra mission, no need to get you pants in a noodle.

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stuff2276d ago

There are so many different factors that makes this particular information/comparison irrelevant.

xer02275d ago

Although it doesn't look as spectacular as Killzone Shadowfall and Battlefield 4, this is a day 1 buy for me.

It looks like a lot of fun! :)

TheKingWilliamV2275d ago

I think the lack of MGS and Destiny release dates that are causing the lack of hype.

n4rc2275d ago

Release dates are too far out... No one cares until its on he horizon..

Naturally people will talk about bf4 or ryse or killzone more

Jeff2572275d ago

From the stuff I have seen and read I am definitely getting this on day one. I think as it gets closer to release the buzz will certainly grow.

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