Let's Talk About Nintendo's Fall Lineup

IGN editors Jose Otero and Brian Altano talk about nintendo's new plan.

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ritsuka6662268d ago

With Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong and several other big games ,and not forgetting the 3DS and its new Zelda title coming, Nintendo will be just fine in this fall.

LOGICWINS2268d ago

Very intelligent move by Nintendo. A lot of people out there don't want to spend $399 on a console. Thats a big market that Nintendo is targeting this fall.

I'm actually tempted to get one on Black Friday.

Kingnichendrix2268d ago

I will probably buy the U after Zelda is out :D

Phil322268d ago

Lots of awesome platformers, and nice third-party games to round out the genres Nintendo and its first-party studios don't delve in.

falcon972268d ago

Nintendo are going all out and to think it has COD Ghosts using the same upgraded engine as ps4 but being soley developed by treyarch which should make the wiiu version look as good as possible rather than Infinity ward developing 6 versions sort of makes me think they are taking more care with the wiiu version plus treyarch have wiiu experience,Watchdogs using the same engine as ps4,Batman origins,Assasins creed 4,Sonic lost world,ect ect,the wiiu will defo start selling big numbers come october/november with all these titles and a price drop wow.....i can't think of a reason to get ps4 or xbox1 when they are struggling to hit 1080p on most games and dont even have a graphical edge over wiiu makes me laugh ???

KwietStorm2268d ago

If you like the Wii U, that's fine, but be serious with your comparisons.

falcon972267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I'm being very serious,i'm not the one that got suckered into all that ps3 hype of 120fps at 1080p nonsense,i mean 7 years later with ps4 they still can't get 120fps ???? look u keep getting blagged by Sony and i'll just enjoy my wiiu with Full HD games at 60fps :) and amazing gameplay.....

cooperdnizzle2268d ago

You are delusional. They may be using the same engine on some of the those games, but they will come out looking like ps3 or 360 games. You could argue that ps3 and 360 are using the same engines.

The one and ps4 will have a way updated engine for those games and will come out looking much better than anything the wiiu can put out. That is just the cold hard facts. I have a wii u myself, and trust me, Nintendo are not all about graphics.

Nintendo will do just fine with the wii u. But they don't have the horse power to keep up with ps4 and even the one. And i don't know where you're getting this hole struggling to make 1080P Games. Most of the games realizing on those console 3rd and first party are 1080p, and even some doing 1080p With 60 frames. Kill-zone just came out and said they are running 60fps. Your comment is way way delusional.

falcon972267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

What part of the WiiU uses the same graphic advantages as ps4 like Displacement mapping and tesselation ect don't u understand....wiiu is a custom E6760 with literally tons of very fast edram makes wiiuls gpgpu way above ps4,get ur facts right,16mb of edram gets you 1080p native look it up...wiiu has twice that and that 30% of unknown specs,basically 32mb of edram gets you a native 1080p twice so think 3D games at FULL HD...ps4 can't even do 1080p 60fps as far as i can see....

Jameson its not me ignoring devs that tell you straight wiiu is a beast,wiiu is a very very powerful console,wiiu is a suprizingly powerful console,with wiiu we did movie quality textures didn't compress them and it handled them at ease ????? please tell me what's better than movie quality textures ? oh ps4's out of this world better than movies quality textures i forgot ps4 could outdo movie quality..

Also the wiiu is every bit the tech juggernaut the ps4 is ect it's called cloud anything they do wiiu can do with cloud and thats Final...face it you sony fans need to wake up wiiu has tons of edram which is the most expensive memory out there and even pc's havn't adopted it yet due to cost...

TheEvilWithin2268d ago

@Kwietstorm: Developers have already stated there is not going to be some HUGE graphical leap from current gen to next gen. With the Wii U being about three times stronger then the PS3 and Xbox 360 it puts the Wii U in a nice graphical place for next gen. People just hear Sony talking all these specs and think its the most giant leap in gaming.

Nintendo has created a system that can handle next gen gaming. I think the game library is VERY strong from Nintendo. People will see once the other consoles are out.

jameson123452268d ago

Slow down falcon, its hard to tell what you are saying.

Yes, the Wii U is powerful, not as powerful as the PS4, or the Xbone, but powerful enough. It can still run most if not all of the same engines as them.

The upcoming line up and price drop makes the future bode very well for the Wii U, because it mimics what happened to the 3DS.

It does make sense to also purchase a PS4, because it has great games too. I might buy an xbone, but not as a gaming console, mostly a multimedia thing.

The games coming out for the xbone, way they announced it and the tone Microsoft set overall killed any notion of me wanting to play games on it.

KwietStorm2267d ago

You see what I mean. I didn't get suckered into anything either. Do you have any clue what kind of setup you would even have to have on a PC to run 1080 at 120 fps? I didn't buy a PS3 for any kind of nonsense like that. Go ahead and enjoy your "Full HD" at 60 fps, you're talking as if that's something new or as if PS4 doesn't do that. Do you think the Wii U can do something PS4 and Xbox can't? Like I said, enjoy your console, but be serious.

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