SEGA Brand Manager Hasn't Heard Anything About a Skies of Arcadia HD Version

Last we heard about a possible Skies of Arcadia HD edition was last year when they renewed the game’s trademark and rumors began to fly that they were working on an HD version. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1875d ago

I sold my physical version about a year ago hoping they'd release it digitally in some form.

I still hope it's happening.

DA_SHREDDER1875d ago

Yeah F U sega, I hope you die. This game is seriously the only game I cared about getting , now i got to buy another damn game cube or Wii and pay another 50 bucks for a used copy just to play a game that I should beable to get for 10 bucks. Good job Sega, I hope you're happy.

sonic9891875d ago

now sega you should start moving make something for the PS4 already
or remake some of your classics
of topic
nice avatar but i like leonardo

Baka-akaB1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Am i the only one finding Sega much worse this gen than capcom ? They can't even manage anything right besides Yakuza , miku and Phantasy star and ruined or ignored all of their older franchises , saves Virtua Fighter . And that's if you speak japanese or wait forever .

DA_SHREDDER1875d ago

they ignored phantasy star almost completely in the West. Had they at least put PSO for the ps3 I would be sorta okay, but no, they don't even know their own fan base anymore

NovusTerminus1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I kind of agree, I think they are about the same, but Capcom looks like they might redeem themselves.

Sega released Resonance of Fate a week after FFXIII and the same day as GoW3, then blamed the fans that it didn't sell. they pulled Phantasy Star Portable 2 from the PSN (Only the US one) and refuse to comment as to why, and its been gone for over a year now.

PSO2 they refuse to comment on localizing at all, and Japan is getting Episode 2 soon.

wishingW3L1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Capcom, Square, Sega... All of them are on the same boat. -__-

Baka-akaB1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

They are being complete idiots . They could even reach the fans that already translated the game , they'd happily give their work away .

They had a game that sold fine in the end , Valkyria chronicles , and building up from it's strength and the anime ... what do they do ? They release psp sequels instead of a ps3/360 combo at the very least , and keep it in japan .

As Sega Sammy Holdings , they had rights and access to guilty gear , and could have worked things out easily with Arcsys .

They remained sleepy in the midst of a huge revival of 2d fighting games , and now Arcsys is reaping those benefits on its own and readying Guil gears Xrd .

They also left Tecmo release successful Hokuto no Ken dynasty games , when they had a popular fighting game with arcsys ripe for a sequel .

They gave up on Otogi too

Every year they crap further on Shining Force . And this gen managed to ruin Golden Axe ...

They decided to invest in movie licensed games , at the worst possible time , with awful results , as seen with thor , iron man etc .

They's lost most of the Am2 studios and key personal . Wich is even worse that the leak of capcom employées . At least capcom still have some left .

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SirBradders1875d ago

I loved this game clocked it about 4-5 times. Maxed the island, delphinus and found pretty much everything.

Please sega don't be foolish AGAIN!!!!!!!

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