PS4 vs Xbox One - Pre-Order Totals to August 24th 2013

VGChartz has gathered the pre-order numbers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The latest data is up to the week ending August 24, 2013. This includes the week of Gamescom, which set a record for biggest gaming trade show in Europe with more than 340,000 visitors. The pre-order numbers are for the US only and give an estimate how each console is doing about three months before release.

(NA region only.)


PS4:X1 ratio is 1.7:1

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PlayStation_42277d ago

can't really trust those figures 100% but they are a nice indication of what is to come.

PlayStation_42277d ago

Something else that really intrigued me is that the PS4:X1 ratio actually went UP since E3, after all the DRM crap.

45 to 75 = 1:1.6 (E3)
350 to 600 = 1:1.7 (Now)

NewMonday2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

whatever happen to that "positive buzz" the XB1 was supposedly getting

Knack - 40,982
Titanfall - 27,956

nuff said

Odin6662277d ago Show
AlexanderNevermind2277d ago

Wow and this is US only which is X1 territory. This is why were seeing all the jumping through hoops and backtracking by MS. If they were to los the states by an almost 2-1 margin then yeah the X1 would be considered a failure.

I wonder what EU and other areas numbers are.

Tony-A2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

That's very interesting.

The reversals didn't seem to do much at all for them. But, then again, who - apart from us enthusiasts - know much about the reversals?

It's kinda hard to tell. And, on another note, the fact that Knack is preselling that well in the US is telling me something. It's preselling almost as much as Madden on XBO and preselling much better than Destiny on XBO as well.

mewhy322277d ago

Wow. Knack is outselling Titanfall LOL.

avengers19782277d ago

KZSF out pacing DR3, ryse, and forza combined. And that's just NA Xbox's biggest market. I think that alone speaks volumes.

pyramidshead2277d ago


Holy shit @ those figures lol damn those 'indie' looking games right? ;).

wenaldy2277d ago

The revival of bandicoot-esque genre. Knack.

corvusmd2277d ago

Uh, new monday....Knack is a release title, Titanfall doesn't come out till probably around April next year...

OC_MurphysLaw2277d ago

@newmonday... Sorry buddy but Knack isn't going to grow much beyond what you see there. Titanfall is still 7+ months away. The fact that it has as many pre-orders as it does now just shows how much it will crush Knack...and possibly many other games this 1st year.

Darrius Cole2277d ago

@ Tony-A

I bet those reversal did do a lot for them. The the pre-orders that came in immediately after E3 were probably the most hardcore fans who would not be deterred no matter what.

We would have to look at a chart to see how the pre-orders came in week-to-week. I would be willing to bet that they slowed to practically zero (0) after the initial burst and only started to move after the reversals.

Still, if the PS4 wins the US by 2 to 1, or 1.7 to 1, then it will win this generation in PS1 or PS2 fashion.

Microsoft has to dump almost all of its launch units in the US. They have to fight the PS4 to a stalemate here.

abzdine2277d ago

numbers speak for themselves.

Greatness awaits

superbhoy2277d ago

good to see kz doing so well. FREE DLC!!!

HammadTheBeast2277d ago

What's funny is that Killzone is so high up, and there's only been 3 ACTUAL gameplay sequences shown.


timl2412277d ago


Knack is a launch title, Titanfall isn't. People are going to put their money towards launch titles over games coming out in the spring.

Izzy4082277d ago


Do realize that's a stupid comparison, right? Knack releases in a little over two months with the PS4. Titanfall, however, has no launch date, and is estimated to be released sometime spring next year.... we're still in summer of 2013. Unbelievable. -_-

mewhy322277d ago

the ps4 is defeating the bone all over the world in pre orders.

shadow27972277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Only? Killzone is the second-most demoed next-gen game next to Watch_Dogs. And Battlefield, but that doesn't really count.

Regis2277d ago

Are you saying the left side is PS4 and the right is Xbox??? Not a troll question just asking.

Kingdom Come2277d ago

Wait, so people trust VGChartz now?

hqgamez2277d ago

Shadow Fall is from a europe team, that is probably going to sell very well already.
shit crazy knowing that
Shadowfall - is at 221,710
as for ryse, dead rising 3, and forza combine is just
It looks like US gamers already decided.
europe, and japan, blah been decided. PS4 is going to regain king like ps2 did.

AngelicIceDiamond2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

@NewMonday The positive buzz IS the huge jump from E3 when comparing pre-orders.

Knack was announced in February and is a launch title. While Titanfall is still 7 to 8 months away and will launch in March or April.

Its nice of you to throw logic completely out the window.

But then again, logic isn't your forte.

NextGen24Gamer2277d ago

The one thing pre-orders don't take into consideration is that the core xbox one gamers/fans are excited about the all digital future that Microsoft proposed. The xbox one was intended to be a diskless console.

With that said, I know many of my family & friends haven't pre ordered a single game because we plan on buying everything day one as a digital download. This way we can use the console as originally intended by Microsoft.

1. The ability to be playing a game, receive an invite for a different game, and instead of getting up to change the disc, we just accept invite and we are instantly playing the game we were just invited to.

2. We know that family share is coming back as MS reps have mentioned it will make a return. That was one of the more exciting features of the xbox one, but you can't do it if you buy the game on disc anymore.

I believe that is a major reason to why pre orders are lower for xbox one games than the ps4 games.

While sony has ignited their fanbase with the lower price very powerful console, MS has ignited their fanbase with promises of a digital console and all the perks that come along with that.

It should be interesting when the consoles launch and we get final figures in for both. For me, it doesn't matter as I have both pre ordered and will be in next gen gaming heaven.

tokugawa2277d ago

is this a joke comment section??

are people really getting giddy with excitement about pre-order numbers??

fanboyism knows no limits

MWong2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

@ newmonday
I saw that too and was like whoa. Hopefully, people just aren't pre-ordering it since it's not scheduled to release until 2014. If not Titanfall is in for some trouble.

Pre-orders usually show the general trend of what's hot and what gamers are more excited about.

The rest of those numbers aren't too surprising. I did figure Forza 5 & Titanfall would have higher pre-orders compared to Ryse.

FlunkinMonkey2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Titanfall is being promoted almost as if it's a launch title.. Easily most advertised game.. Xbone is getting battered plain and simple.

And so pre-order number aren't indicative to the respective consoles foreseeable popularity?!!

Dear me.. Clutching at straws.. Again.

abzdine2277d ago

PS2 times are back! PS4 suprematy all over tha globe

malokevi2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

"With that said, I know many of my family & friends haven't pre ordered a single game because we plan on buying everything day one as a digital download. This way we can use the console as originally intended by Microsoft. "

Same here. I wouldn't even bother considering a bundle, preordered game, or otherwise. I'll be grabbing all my copies digital.

Of course, everyone in this thread will ignore you or vehemently deny that what your saying has any truth to it.... but we all know it does.

The same people getting PS4's are the same people who spent endless days rallying for the continuation of disk-based media, and the same people desperately trying to prove some sort of point with per-order numbers. The same people who said "MS betrayed me, I must punish them!".

The rest of us don't give a crap, are going Xbox, and don't care about pre-ordering dinosaur disks. But, obviously, the PS faiithful are too busy high-fiving each other to account for that.

MysticStrummer2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

You guys talking about the all digital angle of XB1 are forgetting that PS4 does that too. Forgetting, or maybe ignoring it to make your point.

You guys saying Titanfall isn't a launch title are right, but neither is Destiny and Destiny has more orders on both consoles.

"Sad day for Xbone fanboys..."

No need to be sad when you can invent facts to suit your argument.

gaffyh2277d ago

I never trust VGC 100%, and those Knack vs TitanFall figures are quite funny. However, just to be fair, there is no confirmed release date for TitanFall, and the sales will be split across Xbox 360, PC and Xbone. Knack on the other hand is confirmed for launch, so it would make sense if it had more pre-orders.

G20WLY2277d ago

^@Kingdom Come:

"Wait, so people trust VGChartz now?"

Please: re-read the very first comment carefully, check the agree/disagree ratio and then consider growing the hell up.

Thank you :)

johndoe112112277d ago

@ Elite24Gamer

When trying to defend your system of choice please use sensible arguments. Tons of people I know are also going to wait to download their games from the psn network because just like microsoft they both have day 1 digital download.

I hope you realize that these numbers also do not count towards the preorder chart. Taking that into consideration what exactly is your point? The ps4 also has very very good digital benefits which most people tend to agree is better than microsoft's offering.

If family plan sharing is what you are betting your chips on you will be sorely disappointed. That will not magically sell millions of system even if they were to bring it back especially seeing that sony has a system in place to share digital games.

There is nothing anyone can possibly say to defend microsoft's poor performance on those charts because microsoft screwed themselves from day 1. Even though I play 80% of my games on my ps3 I still own every sony and microsot system since that originals and I still play them all to this day.But this is the first time I will not be getting all the systems.

There are a lot of people like me who have totally lost any and all trust in them and will absolutely refuse to support them this gen. I probably shouldn't say absolutely but I will wait at least 4 years before I buy an xbox one, I dont give a damn how good titan fall, titan rise, titan go away, clash of the titan or any other titan or xbox game looks.

r2oB2277d ago

@ Elite24gamer

What are you talking about? While you are waiting for next gen to purchase day 1 digital games, PS3 gamers are enjoying it now (have been for a while). For every Xbox gamer that is looking forward to downloading games, there is a Playstation gamer awaiting the same thing. On top of that you have Playstation gamers that are accustomed to it already. If you are going to attribute digital sales to the lack of physcial pre orders for Xbox One games, the exact same logic would apply to PS4 games as well.

JokesOnYou2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

No Elite24Gamer makes a fair point a lot of X1 owners are looking forward to digital format, sure ps4 has this ability too but micro is the one promoting the digital side and we expect benefits of the initial plan through digital purchases. Sure some ps4 fans may go digital as well but even on this site it would seem from previous comments on the subject more ps fans still prefer physical discs.

As for the preorders, according to vgchartz ps4 is doing very well so congrats to sony but I'd expect X1 to continue to close the gap as all the anti-drm mess has lost its steam and micro picks up its usual advertising blitz highlighting and showing off games INSTEAD of explaining old policy reversals. I think the knack vs Titanfall thing is funny but ironicly it only proves how preorders vs actual sales can be misleading because Titanfall is without a doubt going to crush Knack sales, in fact I'd say Titanfall (X1's first big AAA exclusive SHOOTER) is going to see original Gears of War type 1 month sales which will easily eclipse Knacks total lifetime right after launch. Also note that console preorders are also directly related to allocations, many stores don't have the much more popular Day One Edition stock allocations which are sold out so as Microsoft manufacturing starts to pick up they will have more store allocations= more consoles available for preorder in the months closer to release.

*Mark this thread for repost when Titanfall launches.

shivvy242277d ago

Woa killzone sf is preordered twice as much as battlefield on X1

r2oB2277d ago

@ Jokesonyou

No he does not make a fair point, because he only applied it to one side of the equation. Fact is both will be supporting digital purchases next gen, gamers know this, and gamers are anticipating it for both systems. You say Microsoft is actively promoting it without realizing Sony does not need to promote it for the PS4 because it is something already available for the PS3 (so it's to be expected on the PS4). Just because Sony is pro disc-based games does not mean they are not also pro digital-based games. Sony is covering their bases with physical, digital, and streaming.

JokesOnYou2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

"Sony does not need to promote it for the PS4 because it is something already available for the PS3"

r2oB, yeah and you can do the same on 360. The point is unlike last gen and ps4 so far for the upcoming gen, micro has made it a point of emphasis about a digital strategy for X1, things like the Home Gold plans isn't totally new but its significantly better than last gen on 360 with everyone having Live access for their own gamertag even though only 1 gold is needed per household/console, family game sharing incentives coming back, conveniences/cloud always connected benefits and possibly even selling your digital games is in the works. Again sony has digital game downloads but they aren't encouraging it one way or the other like micro, again I've been reading n4g daily for the last few months since the consoles have been announced and its fair to say most ps fans seem to still seem to prefer physical discs while more xbox fans seem to be looking forward to going all digital(for the reasons I already stated above).

johndoe112112276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

@ JokesOnYou

You have a number of inaccurate points in your comments.

1. It is not only sony fans that want the disc based games, it is sony and xbox fans. Why do you think no one was buying the damn thing when it was released? why do you think that was the first policy microsoft reversed? saying that it's mostly sony supporters who will be buying disc games is ludicrous.

2. you are severely underestimating the amount of sony supporters that will be buying digital games. People rallied against the xbox, both microsoft and sony supporters alike, not just because we only want disc based games but because we want to have the option, something microsoft was going to take away form us completely. There will be minimal if any difference between the amount of people that buy digital from microsoft and sony. Sony does not need to promote digital because their digital store already does very very well.

3. " things like the Home Gold plans isn't totally new but its significantly better than last gen on 360 with everyone having Live access for their own gamertag even though only 1 gold is needed per household/console, family game sharing incentives coming back, conveniences/cloud always connected benefits and possibly even selling your digital games is in the works. Again sony has digital game downloads but they aren't encouraging it one way or the other like micro"

you are absolutely right about this, and let me tell you something, make no mistake as to why microsoft is focusing so heavily on this. They are trying their best to get people comfortable with the idea of a totally digital system so they can bring back every God forsaken policy they reversed. Apart from that all those points you listed does not solidify an advantage for microsoft when it comes to digital distribution. Sony also have their own offerings and I can assure you they can rival if not sink microsoft's offerings.

The only thing you are totally right about is the Knack vs Titan Fall issue.

andibandit2276d ago


"Knack - 40,982
Titanfall - 27,956

nuff said "

ehh...what point is the comparing preorders for one game releasing in 2013 and another game releasing in 2014?

ChrisW2276d ago

Interesting number of exclusive titles in those Top 10 figures.

KazHiraiFTW2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

@ Elite24Gamer

Mr. Ballmer, if you're going to post on N4G using a stealth profile please try to make it a little less obvious mmmmkay thx.

EeJLP-2276d ago

Your ratios are backwards.

You say PS4:X1 ratio, but your numbers are X1:PS4 ratio. Your numbers are saying 1 PS4 for every 1.7 XBones (aka less), when it's 1.7 PS4s for every 1 XBone.

mikeslemonade2276d ago

@ Elite and Jokes

Go try to get more common sense.. Digital Downloads is a very small percentage of sales. The preorder chart showing the system sales are almost 2:1 in favor of PS4 to X1, meaning software sales are gonna be factored in the 2:1 system sales. Your argument about digital downloads is out the door.

And PS: Look at Ryse at only 58,000 units. Haha keep defending. And X1 won't close the gap considering PS3 closed the gap on Xbox 360 despite having almost every advantage.

mikeslemonade2276d ago

Tell me where I can get a digital downloaded system /sarcasm

To me where digital download sales really go is for the demographic that is looking for convenience. It's for the gamer that is browsing games online and wants to buy a game without having to go to the store and buying it. The factor about convenience of not having to use a disc, the speed loading, and the less ware on the laser are smaller factors into the decision buying the game. The biggest factor is a the impulse buy, the ability to have the game now.

negative2276d ago Show
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BlackTar1872277d ago

new Monday titan fall is like a year out right? Is Knack a release title?

PlayStation_42277d ago

Titanfall is being advertised heavily though

NewMonday2277d ago

no, just a few months apart.

Wikkid6662277d ago

There is no solid release date for Titan. They are trying for a March release. So, that explains why Knack would have a higher preorder.

slimeybrainboy2277d ago

@PS4, GTA V preorders have only just started ramping up in the past month or so. Titanfall will do just fine.

KZ:SF is doing crazy numbers if this is any indication.

MWong2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Only issue in that train of thought Blacktar, is Destiny with 8,000 more pre-orders than Titanfall on the XBone. Both games are at least 9-12 months out. I'm also pretty sure Titanfall will do good, just thought it would be doing a lot better as the XBone flagship title so far to me.

Not mentioning the PS4 version of Destiny since Titanfall is a XBone exclusive.

MysticStrummer2277d ago

Destiny isn't launching anytime soon either, yet it's numbers are higher on both consoles.

Fergusonxplainsall2276d ago

The latest trailer for Knack made me rethink about getting it, since it does look fun and absolutely awesome.I will buy it for sure.

And the latest trailer for Infamous Second Son...

Titanfall looks fun but it's online only. No singleplayer. So experience may vary.

slpknt6sic62274d ago

First I'd like to say that I'm only buying a ps4, and will not support microsoft since they thought I was stupid enough to buy a drm box. But the pre orders for titan fall are good. No one mentions why infamous SS isnt there and its for the same reason that it doesnt come out till next year.Everyone needs to ease up on the xbox fans they know ps4 will crush xbox one they are just in denial.

+ Show (5) more repliesLast reply 2274d ago
Maddens Raiders2277d ago

These are astonishing US figures if they hold true.

Death2277d ago

These numbers are baseless. Pre-order numbers aren't even available to the manufacturers. VGC has never been and never will be a valid source for this information or any sales tracking information since they do not have the resources needed to attain these numbes.

rainslacker2277d ago

If pre-order numbers aren't available to the manufacturers, then how does Sony know that it already has over 1 million pre-ordered?

You seriously believe manufacturers aren't asking retailers how many pre-orders they're getting so they can estimate how many they need to make? Pre-orders are generally pretty indicative of how well a game will sell. I'm sure there are plenty of metrics that gauge how well it will sell based on pre-order numbers, and retailers would have no reason to hide those numbers, since they will obviously want stock.

Otherwise, I agree, VGChartz isn't a terribly reliable source. They've been accused of under-tracking Sony, and over-tracking MS in the past...and usually when official numbers are released, that accusation proves true.

Sevir2277d ago

Really Death? Preorder numbers aren't available to Manuafacturers Soooooooooooo, did one pull the that over 1 million PS4 preorder figure out of some air!? how do you think they gauge interest on products if they dint have access to retail channels putting out pre-order numbers and estimates?

johndoe112112277d ago

@ rainslacker

Not only that, does any one else notice how microsoft has not said a word publicly about their preorder numbers? Sony said it a number of times in their conferences but microsoft has remained silent.

If it was anything like they had hoped they would not have hesitated to have every media outlet report it to the world. They would have been holding press conferences and they definitely wouldn't have been giving out fifa for free.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 2277d ago
hqgamez2277d ago

damn, this just US only. I believe the numbers are high for ps4 over x1 in europe and all other regions.

US is really MS only power ground.

allformats2277d ago

Total PS4 software pre orders = 1,216,365 Total XBO software pre orders = 811,295. PS4 above XBO by 405,070 or 50%. Total top 5 PS4 software pre orders = 987,717. Total top 5 XBO software pre orders = 590,382. PS4 above XBO top 5 software pre orders by 397,335, or 67%. PS4 hardware preorders increased 700% since E3. XBO hardware preorders increased 677% since E3. Since the XBO 180, the gap between PS4 and XBO hardware preorder increased 4% in PS4 favor. This is USA only, Sony cant ask for more than that.

andibandit2276d ago

yeah but kinda kills the picture that the PS4 was outselling the Xbone 4:1

NextGen24Gamer2277d ago

My question is I wonder how many xbox one gamers are going "ALL DIGITAL" with the xbox one? What percentage of xbox one gamers.

Is it 2-1, is it 50% of xbox one day one owners...etc...That's something that we won't know until after launch and game sales come in. But I have a gut feeling just based on my circle of friends and family it's more like 2-1 are going all digital, which would definitely effect pre orders in a major way.

Also, out of the 50 million gamers currently on xbox live, how many pre ordered their console from the 360 dashboard instead of going in to gamestop or Amazon?

Or how many purchased from the Microsoft stores around the country?

I live in Seattle and I can tell you that the Microsoft store in Bellevue has been busy with people coming in to pre order the xbox one.

These are all factors that don't show up yet on pre order charts.

DoesUs2277d ago

That terrific news! MS will be over the moon with your findings.

MysticStrummer2277d ago

"My question is I wonder how many xbox one gamers are going "ALL DIGITAL" with the xbox one?"

You could ask the same about PS4, since people have the same opportunity to go all digital with it.

The number of people who didn't want an all digital future was large enough that MS had to change their plans, but somehow you think the small number that did want an all digital future are the secret weapon?

You also seem to think only XB1 has alternate ways to pre-order consoles and games that may or may not show up in these numbers.

I don't know if you're honestly assuming a lot or just pretending to as a spin tactic, but you don't seem to have thought this through very well.

DevilishSix2277d ago

The whole all digital I think is overblown because neither PS4 or X1 appear to have a large enough harddrive to be digital platforms.

TKCMuzzer2277d ago

Nots sure that really is a good indication, most people going into a MS store will be looking to purchase something, Microsoft.
People do realise you can buy all games via digital on the PS4? There may well be many waiting to buy games like KZSF on release day from the PSstore.
It's just the feeling of the industry right now, Microsoft made a miss judgement about what people wanted and are paying the price, you can't just buy back trust, you have to earn it and that's exactly what their going to have to do.

rainslacker2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

It's not 2:1. Digital adoption rate for full games is less than 20% as of end of last year. Digital revenue(DLC, MT, smartphone apps, games, all inclusive, not just full games) is just under 40%. Consumer spending habits aren't going to change so drastically just because MS has a DD store. They have it now, Sony has it now, Nintendo has it now, and those numbers only see a marginal increase YOY. PC right now is the only place where DD is over 50%, but physical still plays a major part. 2 months isn't going to change that, as people are generally slow to change. Nintendo likes to brag about how well their games sell digitally, but they only get those numbers because they choke the retail supply chain, so people give in. Many more than 50% of the people prefer's just what they're used to, or what they prefer.

Just because you want to use your own anecdotal data on what you, and some of your friends/family, will be doing, doesn't mean that your assertion holds any kind of merit. It is speculation at best, grasping at straws at worst.

Otherwise, the mix of digital vs physical is probably consistent between the two platforms. In fact, Sony's digital distribution platform seems to be more popular than MS, which isn't particularly surprising, given how hard they've pushed it this gen.

I wouldn't doubt that a few weeks from release of the PS4, the lauch games for it become available for pre-order digitally, if their past MO stays consistent.

DarkHeroZX2277d ago

Lol all of what you just said can be applied to Sony.

deadfrag2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

You know PS4 games are going digital also from day one!!!So your stating is useless!