Playing Dead: Physics In Video Games

Video game physics have always been an important factor in how enjoyable a game experience is. All of the most memorable video games have found ways of overcoming the constraints of the technology of their time to create experiences that keep players coming back to try to master the nuances of the particular game. When the physics are done wrong it can be disastrous; bargain bins are littered with games that invested more in movie licensing or flashy graphics than they did into tweaking the physics to make the gameplay enjoyable, but when its done right the results are powerful and memorable.

To understand the climate of game physics one must first understand the history of pivotal games physics technologies and how they have influenced other game developers as well as current technologies that are in the process of being introduced to the gaming community.

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tony3845d ago

physics and gameplay are first, then graphics.

REPLOID243845d ago

had pretty good physics. Hale would fall pretty cool sometimes when he died.

socomnick3845d ago

LOl wow hahahah for real physics look at crysis and such.

RenegadeValkyrie3845d ago

Sometimes bad physics can be enjoyable, like when in a racing game your car launches rediculously far into the air, or in rainbow 6 vegas for no reason the game glitches and a corpse goes shooting off like a rocket!

LinuxGuru3844d ago

LOL I posted an article called "Physics in Games" awhile back that was done by Gamasutra.

shadowghost7523844d ago

Motorstorm had some of the best physics i have ever seen and it the game a lot more enjoyable

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