Bethesda VP talks about the challenges of this unique time in gaming

Examiner: "This fall is a rather unique time in gaming with most titles releasing on both current and next gen systems. There was some overlap last generation as well, but because of a lesser step up in hardware, we're seeing a much larger window of that this time around. In an exclusive interview with Bethesda Softworks Vice President of Marketing and PR, Pete Hines, we found out some of the challenges that his teams are facing."

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ZodTheRipper2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

"It may be that you want to add a cool feature to a game, where it looks great on next-gen, but the current-gen doesn’t support it. How do we implement that same feature on current-gen systems?"

Then don't ask yourself such questions. I'd rather have developers not limiting themselves by technology (or greed?) and just focus on next-gen at this point. Why am I buying a new console if all games are being released on my old one? People who can't afford to jump on the next-gen ship are more than adequately supplied with games already.

ZodTheRipper2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

@Disagrees: Do you really want a company like Bethesda limit itself to last gen hardware? To me it would be a huge letdown if they'd announce that the next Fallout or Elder Scrolls would come to PS3 & X360. They couldn't make it feel next-gen that way.

H0RSE2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

The same sort of mindset applies to console games released on PC, where the PC title needed to be "compromised" due to system parity. yes, in some cases the PC version will utilize features exclusive to them, like the ability to pan out in Dragon's Age, but there are a number of cases where the PC version of a game had to take a hit due to the same game also releasing on console. This is one of the key gripes PC gamers have with consoles.

Like you said, I am against devs trying to offer the same experience regardless of platform.. If one medium can offer advantages/differences that another cannot, they should be implemented regardless. What is the point of having all these options, when everything is essentially the same?

GamerzElite2269d ago

After Skyrim, I found Bethesda is a worst developer on the planet.

H0RSE2268d ago

It took you till Skyrim to realize this?...

Every game they release on PC is met with a community made, unofficial patch pack, that fixes literally thousands of bugs.

webeblazing2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Bethesda said they trying to get back to their roots and that alot of publishers were limiting their creativity. most of the games theyre working on right now are kickstarters.

watch em take gabs at plublishers

webeblazing2268d ago

my fault wrong devs it was Obsidian Entertainment

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RuleNumber52269d ago

I still think porting next-gen games onto current-gen consoles is holding the quality of games back. Only the next-gen exclusive titles are going to truly be next-gen. Hate to say that knowing a lot of great titles are coming to Xbox One and PS4, but I think it's true.

Kamikaze82269d ago

Hope it doesn't affect Titanfall that much, they did confirm that it is indeed being ported down from Xbox One to Xbox 360.

RuleNumber52269d ago

I bet it will. Don't blame pubs for wanting to keep games on current systems, it's smart business. Just sucks because these amazing games and concepts are not going to reach their full potential because of it.

ZBlacktt2269d ago

Blu-ray to DVD, you can count on it.

Golden_Mud2269d ago

They did say that there is another team developing the Xbox 360 version so don't get worried

ZBlacktt2269d ago

This is why I think they should make a choice. If the cost is more to support soon to be last gen. Then just move forward and go with soon to be current Gen. I mean, why not go wild on a 10x more powerful console. I mean they had so many issues with the PS3 anyway in Skyrim. My PS3 now will see far less use once the PS4 gets here. Sure I'll be playing GTAV and a few others games. But mostly moving up to Next Gen playing!

RuleNumber52269d ago

I agree, but you know the answer to that is money and the fact that they do not want to ignore the massive install bases of the Xbox 360 and PS3. No way they want to pass up on that money. Sucks for us who buy next-gen early is all. We are the ones who will suffer, IMO.

ZBlacktt2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Yes, but it's not sucking to bad, lol. I mean most every game coming out now that is on both current and new has stated the Next gen console will look a lot better. More effects and features with only the game play really being the same. So it can be done. I just recall buying the Skyrim Collectors edition for the PS3 the week the game came out. Plating the game in 19 days. Then not seeing once piece of DLC for more then a year. Was heart breaking, lol.

So maybe Bethesda is better off just moving forward.

Worldwide sales of Skyrim just on PS3:

Global Total as of 17th Aug 2013 (units): 4.81m ( near 2 years )

Pre orders on the PS4 already well over a million.

Better system, easier to use and 10x more powerful. Could be a win win.

Btw, this was one of the best Collectors I've gotten. More so because I love Dragons.

RuleNumber52269d ago

Oh I agree. They should move on from current-gen consoles ASAP. Probably wouldn't have seen a delay with Wolfenstein if it was next-gen only. I'm just doubt that happening because of the greed factor.

Beatboxtaun2269d ago

Until the transition to next-gen consoles is complete, devs will always be in that boat. It will take some more from them to pull through, for the time being.