Nintendo: "We don't want to walk away" from 3D gaming

Nintendo's Scott Moffitt insists that the new 2DS doesn't represent backpedaling, notes that it's all about reaching huge audience at $129

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PlayStation_42268d ago

"We don't want to walk away from 3D gaming"...
*releases Nintendo 2DS*

clrlite2268d ago

haha. I bought my 3DS a while ago new for US $140 so that price point doesn't seem very attractive to me.

I would hate to be a kid expecting a 3DS on Xmas, only to open it up and find a 2DS:
"Wtf is a 2DS?"
:: tears ::

NBT912268d ago

Well yeah, the 2DS plays 3DS games which will still all be developed with 3D in mind.
Unlike Sony who asked people to buy £2000 Televisions to play KillZone 3 in 3D and then ditch 3D because no one wanted to do that.

iamnsuperman2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

"Unlike Sony who asked people to buy £2000 Televisions to play KillZone 3 in 3D and then ditch 3D because no one wanted to do that."

It wasn't like that at all. Wasn't it a $499 26 inch TV thing they were trying to push. the 2,000 ones are more in line with how the, perceived, market was going (3D mad). 3D failed. Now it is 4K (I see that failing to)

This (2DS) move is odd considering the price isn't that much different.

clrlite2268d ago

Why so defensive bro?

I like Sony and Nintendo and hope you are right about them continuing to develop unique titles with 3D in mind.

dredgewalker2268d ago

I just saw what the 2DS looks like and I don't like it. I love my 3DS XL and the original 3DS design. It looks hard to carry since it's in slate form. You can buy a very good condition 2nd hand 3DS for that price.

clrlite2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

You can get a brand new or like new 3DS for that price or maybe less :] (depending on where you are and how lucky you are of course) Heck, you can get a Vita for that price as well. What a good time to be a gamer!

nick3092268d ago

Its made to be more budget priced, or for kids.. Or for those who hate 3D or become dizzy by it.

3-4-52268d ago

It's testing grounds for their new hadnheld, releasing in 2017.

It WILL be pretty much the Wii U gamepad, but with a few tweaks and upgrades.

* This will allow them to not have to split screen and thus have higher definition picture.

* Also saves on cost of 2 different types of screens.

It will look better, have HD, touch screen, two analogs, R&L buttons, A,B,X,Y and a few other features they won't reveal until 2016-2017-2018.

N4g_null2268d ago

I see that coming too. I was expecting another analog stick on the 2ds though... I would have bought one just for that.

Im curious about the two gamepad solution though. It may be a ds hybrid with the top screen beaming to a tv with wireless hdmi along with another device as an option on the go!

BullyMangler2268d ago

and that means they walked away?

ha haa look at all your "agrees" ha haaa

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Bhuahahaha2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

its a good idea to release it without the 3d~will be much cheaper but the downside is its %^%$%^ design is really really bad

--Onilink--2268d ago

well, as long as all games keep getting released with 3D, then its true. No reason why they would leave out such market (could have gone after it with a better design...)

brettyd2268d ago

3D gaming seems to be pretty much dead, even Sony who was the biggest 3D supporter doesn't even mention it anymore. It was a fad.

AWBrawler2268d ago

all because parents are too dumb to disable the 3D in the settings

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