Sony Preparing New Motion Controller For PS3?

N'Gai Croal and Geoff Keighley are in town, so it's time for a Five (!) Minute Warning, impressions from Nintendo's press event, a Fallout 3 appreciation festival, and Microsoft's rumoured motion controller and, also, Shane Bettenhausen announcing Sony's own rumoured controller that will have "transforming multiple configurations" that Call of Duty 5 and the highly anticipated Resistance 2 will have implementation for.

Listen from 1 hour and 40minutes in the podcast

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Meus Renaissance4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

I think I'll wait a few months before buying a Dual Shock 3 just to get this confirmed to be true or untrue because, the negative to this story is that the DS3 just being released, the idea of another controller being released later in the year seems kinda stupid. The DS3 should have been launched with the console last year but Sony weren't able to for legal reasons, so with rumblings of a new exciting peripheral like this rumoured controller, should have come in place of this now released DS3. It's all happening with bad timing and this will probably lead to criticism that will over-shadow any possible confirmation that this new controller is coming; there'll be some with three different controllers!

Anyway, this sounds interesting - I wonder what he meant by "transforming multiple configurations".

sonarus4204d ago

I hope this isn't true. This is not the way to go sony. No need for gimmicky controllers. DS3 is fine as is

killax35634204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

It should be very easy for MS and Sony to copy the Wii controller and more importantly the Wii games. I mean really, the most popular Wii game is Wii Sports, something Sony and MS can create very easily.

Wii Fit also seems pretty popular in Japan but I don't it will reach Wii Sports, Pokemon or Nintendog heights.

sonarus4203d ago

wii is cheaper. If sony wants to work on a casual control scheme they should do something with the ps eye

yesah4203d ago

not so sure this is a smart move. Unless its priced at like 5 bucks or included in a game or something. But let me just say, if Sony, and Microsoft both come out with wii like controllers.....well Nintendo will have to get moving

thePatriot4203d ago

If microsoft wants all the crappy third party games from nintendo wii
they can have them. ps eye is under rated. I want that tank game (draw your tank tech)

uie4rhig4203d ago

ARGH.. WOT? NOOOO... damnit.. leave it on the DS3!!!

QuackPot4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

And if it was true in any way, the new controller would likely come package with a specific game as an teaser for console owners to switch. That's what I'd do anyway.

As for Pseye, it will have a place in the future but unlikely as the main controller. Did someone say rumble? How do you do that with a Pseye? Hmmmmmmmmmm...?

gaffyh4203d ago

Sounds interesting, the only reason Sony is doing this is to compete with the Wii market and the soon-to-be 360 market, Sony need to have something out to compete if the 360 Newton controller is a success.

Omegasyde4203d ago


The new motion controller might be that infa-red tech that supposingly the the new PSeye can track.

The eye focuses just on the "item" The camera its self doesn't move just if players stay within the the visual radius it will track the X and Y and Z planes of travel.

Unfortunately this idea has been on Sony's drawing board since the first ps2 camera. This story definitely deserves the label Rumor.

Positives, the item would be like a Wii-mote.
The Negative thing would be it would detect motion but no rumble. More than 2 people couldn't player either due to the taxing limitations and
errors (ps2 days).

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heyheyhey4204d ago

in other news:

Sony Santa Monica has scrapped God of War 3 to create a new "colourful" first-person shooter inspired by popular kids TV series "Power Rangers"

the working title for this project is Haro: Melee Combat Evolved

the lead character is rumored to be called Insignificant B!tch

Meus Renaissance4204d ago

A Power Rangers game needs to happen. I would so swarm all over that sh!t if it was released. Green Ranger FTW!

sonarus4203d ago

Yea was a HUUUUGE power rangers fan. I don't think i had any preference for any particular ranger though. If i had to choose though i would go with blu ranger just cus no one ever picks him

alanjp254204d ago

perhaps its a liquid morphing controller that morphs to fat hands and thin hands and long hands lol

Iamback4204d ago

i hate motion controls, not interested

xhi44204d ago

you're backward

and not interesting.

but seriously what would this look like aye, I mean they can't just scrap the original ps controller design

Iamback4204d ago

and you are nerd with no life(probably).
I am not going to wave with some crap like some nerd, i only want "classic" controls like Dualshock 3 and i am fine. Nerd can have motion dild.......

SickNick854204d ago

it was annunced some days ago via news to contrast wii