Photos of the Nintendo 2DS

Take a look at some photos showing off the new Nintendo 2DS and boxart.

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Donnieboi1971d ago

What about the 2nd analog stick attachment? How, after making the XL and now this version, could they STILL forget to add a 2nd analog stick? Especially on this one, since the analog attachment that's currently already available for 3ds won't likely fit on this one? Really should have put another stick.

MasterCornholio1971d ago

"STILL forget to add a 2nd analog stick?"

Nope they didnt forget. Cant you see what Nintendo is trying to do? They want people to buy the CPP accessory.

darthv721971d ago

you can see the design would have allotted the 2nd analog pad to be on the lower right side if they moved the start/select to the left.

in any case, that looks so obscure that it could be worth buying just to have. It could become a rarity like the wii-mini and the snes jr or top loading nes.

SilentNegotiator1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Hint: they're trying to make it CHEAPER and barely succeeded at getting a significant reduction as is. What do you think adding a second analog stick would do?

Plus, they're saving a standard second analog stick to pretend they have some revolutionary changes for their 9th gen handheld.

duducus1971d ago

Maybe because this design is for younger casuals?...

MattyG1971d ago

If Nintendo's intended audience with this is children, I don't think many of them will care about a second analog stick. Kids will be playing Animal Crossing and Pokemon with this, not Monster Hunter.

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Bhuahahaha1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

2ds is fugly
lol gonna w8 for 2ds xl.....

official Nintendo 2DS - Introduction

StraightedgeSES1971d ago

They should have just announced the 2DS XL.

Bhuahahaha1971d ago

lol w8 around 6 months and they will definitely announce 2ds xl

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The story is too old to be commented.