Nintendo 2DS - Announcement Trailer (Nintendo 3DS)

Nintendo just announced the Nintendo 2DS (wat?)... So, here's the trailer.

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PlayStation_41877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

very very strange... I'm definitely not buying one

didn't believe this was real at first

BTW, it's $130

zeal0us1877d ago

I know I wasn't only one who thought today was April Fools.

Man that design. I'm sure Nintendo is targeting this thing towards tablet crowd but I doubt it work out the way they hope it would.

PlayStation_41877d ago

apparently it is geared towards 7 and under, as according to Nintendo the 3DS (w/ 3D) should not be used by 7 and unders

abzdine1877d ago

very stupid concept since 3D could be deactivated on 3DS.
if people want 2DS they just buy NDS imo

ProjectVulcan1877d ago

They took away a dimension and then used that as its marketing name! LOL!

Computersaysno1877d ago

I think they are just working their way down to the 1DS (one direction special) which would certainly sell to the teen female market better

turgore1877d ago

Is it me or is the design hideous ?

ABizzel11877d ago

Why not call it

3DLess :D

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schlanz1877d ago

wth is Nintendo thinking with this... I like that they are trying to find a cheaper alternative to attract more consumers... but this??? I guess it's for little children.. parents won't have to be concerned about 3D having a detrimental effect on their eyes?

mewhy321877d ago

Wow. I think the only way that this will sell is if its way less expensive than the 3ds. Else, forget it.

Donnieboi1877d ago

It already said it will be a "value" so I'm guessing it will be cheaper. My only beef is the shape of it. Looks like it won't fold shut to fit in pocket.

PlayStation_41877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

it's $130, IGN confirmed

SilentNegotiator1877d ago

That's not much of a reduction. Especially once you include the price of the pouch to save the screens.

mewhy321877d ago

Yeah I wish it could fold. We have two 3dsxl's and when folded it's still too big. Looks like the 2ds can't.

Donnieboi1877d ago

Wait a minute, it looks like it can't fold. How is that compact? I think it's a great idea since it will be cheaper without the 3d technology, but not letting it fold shut is stupid. It's like a big old ipad.

silkrevolver1877d ago

Finally - A way to keep the door from shutting without holding it myself!

tyjor1877d ago

I'm all for nintendo handhelds, and even revisions of there existing consoles but this ? LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.

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