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blitz06231973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Now we'll see if price was a huge factor in the poor sales. The same goes for the Vita. As for the 2DS... /facepalm

mewhy321973d ago

Well, I think that the price cut couldn't hurt. I don't really get the 2ds thing? I mean, why launch a system that plays 3ds games but only in 2d? However, I do think that the price cut will help with Wii-U. I hope so. I think that its a neat system.

LOL_WUT1973d ago

Yup, where are all those people who said it didn't need a price cut? Because clearly it did. Glad to see Nintendo come to their senses. ;)

awesomeabe19981973d ago


It did not need a price cut yet Nintendo still did it because they are not cheap.

RFornillos41973d ago


Reggie explained the logic for the 2DS. since the 3DS was designed and recommended for ages 7-up, the 2DS (at a lower price point, and no 3D to cause headaches or such) will be targeting a younger audience. so this basically for parents who are looking into getting their child a handheld for the holidays, without the worry that the 3D may cause some possible health issues.

if it turns out okay, i may just buy me a 2DS for my son. at 2, he's getting quite good playing simple games like Face Raiders and Nintendogs+Cats.

RicardJulianti1973d ago

A price drop coupled with major games is almost certain to move units. I mean...not only was a price drop announced, but release dates for a lot of stuff too.

That's the Vita's main problem (outside of those memory card prices) got a price drop, but KZ Mercs is pretty much the only thing new for the system. Outside of games that can be played elsewhere (indies, cross-play things, other ports) of course.

zeal0us1973d ago


I doubt headache is main reason for Nintendo to introduce a new device. Tablets and mobile games are making a killing. Not only that but they tend to be one of things adolescents want more nowadays. Most of kids nowadays could less for dedicated handhelds like the 3DS or Vita.

Three my nieces have android tablets and another one my nephews have a iPad. I let one of them play on my Psp(not vita) and she asked "Where do I go to play Candy Crush?" Boy did I have a time explaining it to her.

To me this look like Nintendo attempt to lure away from devices like iPads and android tablets. The only downside it lacks the latest popular mobile games(excluding Angry Birds) that kids like to play. Not only that but it lacks education games/apps that some parent will like their kids to use.

N4g_null1973d ago

LOL wut really it didnt but it is a good strategy since it gets the price down to old wii levels plus games are coming out. It could be that they are figuring out other ways to lower cost or the 2ds is going to recoup the money they would loose on it.

now that you see cryteks new engine being supported and the compromise of bf4 on the xone and ps4 the price values are skewed once again... on top of it all you get a dedicated tablet for gaming and its a wiresless display... the value starts to look a lot better. Then once they get the gamepad price down tell me who is going to buy two vitas to play gamings needing a touch display?

great move though and the pack in for zelda is sweet. Hell I may buy another one or two. The question is what will the basic model go for now? I might buy a few of those for xmas!

born2live1973d ago

Not a big price cut, compared to the 3DS... Remember, they cut the 3DS price by about 1/3, the $50 less is a 1/7 cut - I doubt it will have the same impact on their sales (although, the 3DS was also just starting to get better games when they did it - not so with the Wii U, as far as I know)... note how they come up with those price cut just when the competitor's next gen consoles are coming out (just like the 3DS when the Vita came out)... I wish them the best though!



You never made much sense, but this post... Just, WOW...

You start by taking the delusional path of sayig they didn't need a pricecut... Despite everyone saying that, despite of bad sales, despite of Ninty themselves actually doing it, you still think they had WiiU priced just right. Amazing. And more amazing, when everyone was left scratching their heads after 2DS announcement you are already counting on its sales to recoup money being lost by WiiU pricecut (money lost that only you seen to believe is there, everyone else realizes WiiU don't cost that much anyway).

Moving on... What have Crytek to do with DICE performance on PS4 and X1? How any of it helps WiiU look better in comparison? Have you seen BF4 on WiiU (of wait) or does other consoles not support Cryengine? You may as well throw some Activision, Samsung and KFC in that "just brands, no relation" soup you're doing.

You get a tablet with WiiU? How so? How does it compare with a tablet WITHOUT WiiU? That, my friend, is a controller, an extention of WiiU itself, not a prize tablet bundled in every box. In other news, every Xbox One to include a digital camera and every PS4 to include a microphone. See how absurd this kind of clain sounds?

And why the hell would people get Vitas to use PS4 like WiiU? First, if they care enough they would of had got a WiiU already or are about to get one now with the pricecut instead of a PS4. Second, Vita can be used for remote play on PS4, NOT AS A CONTROLLER. Third no one would need to get a vita for touch control because DualShock 4 already have a touchpad.

And, by the looks of it, you were the guy responsible for those WiiU supposed shortages huh... Are you stocking 'em in case the world ends or what? LOL

abzdine1972d ago

this is the perfect opportunity for me to buy a Wii U.
Amazing i'm getting it as soon as it lands in my country

user55757081972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

damn kind of wanted wind waker hd on disc rather than digital

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ritsuka6661973d ago

I bought my Wii U a few months ago for this price, currently own 4 retail games on it, love it, and it's definitely worth price for new buyers of Wii U.

PopRocks3591973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I personally didn't think they had to, but obviously Nintendo did and it will definitely make the console more competitive in sales. Now we have to wait and see how it goes down during the holiday.

Donnieboi1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

When I say "finally", I don't mean because it's too expensive, but that the price would have eventually looked like it was too high if the Wii U is only $50 less than a PS4. The Wii U is struggling even against the PS3 (the fact that the PS3 has been out for years is no excuse--if anything, the PS3 should have been selling less over time since anyone who wanted it should have bought it--but yet, the PS3 is still selling very well). So the addition of the PS4 would not have made things easier for the Wii U. But with an additional $50 shaved off, and a stellar holiday lineup of games, things are looking bright for the Wii U. Besides, Wii U needs to compete with PS3 too (not just PS4 and Xbox One), because Sony's still-strong support of the aging console (by saving Gran Turismo 6 for PS3) shows that they are gearing up to have it compete with Wii U the most (even if Wii U is slightly more powerful), while PS4 goes up against Xbox One.

EDIT: I understand if u personally think it didn't need a price drop, but with the way sales are going now, and the excitement of new, more powerful (and heavily 3rd party supported) consoles coming out, in addition to the great support PS3 is STILL getting (Gran Turismo 6, GTA 5, Beyond: Two Souls, Puppeteer, LBP free-to-play, MGS 5, monthly free games on PS Plus, etc), than I think this price drop is more than overdue. If most people didn't think it needed a price drop before, than it would ave been selling well. It was Nintendo "fans" who said the 3ds didn't need a price drop, and it sold poorly UNTIL the price drop came. I think that consumers have already voted with their wallets. And now that there's a price drop, we'll see what they choose. I think a true Nintendo fan would want what's best for the company to thrive, and not just fawn over every decision that Iwata makes as if it was flawless. I think the price drop is good for competition and good for the industry as a whole, considering the circumstances of Wii U's current sales.

3-4-51973d ago

Nintendo is going all out, and about to turn things around.

They have about 15 good games releasing on Wii U & 3DS over the next 5 months, + price drops + new 2DS = they are trying to give people some good value for their money.

Price point of $300 is perfect for Wii U.

PopRocks3591973d ago

Oh dude, don't get me wrong. You're make some excellent points. Fact is it is not selling well when it should be a hot seller right now. This price drop can ONLY help it sell in the long run.

Trust me, I don't think every decision Nintendo makes a good one. For example, dat 2DS...

Donnieboi1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I agree, the 2ds is weird. No hinges? No thank you. Also, games like Mario 3d Land are so much cooler with 3d on. Come this holiday though, the Wii U should be getting some love with Mario 3d World, Mario Kart 8, and more. Mario Kart, Gran Turismo 6, Forza (not so sure about DriveClub though: development looks a bit underdone in time for launch) will clash head-to-head, and as a racing fan, i'm excited for both. I'll probably just be on racing games this holiday season

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1973d ago

2DS is Good for the following reasons (IMO)-

1) 2DS is for children (playing in 3D was proven bad for child neurological development).

2) It is great for people who want to play 3DS games but don't care about 3D.

3) It helps out people in this economy.

4) And if/when Nintendo starts doing more 3DS/2DS integration with the WiiU - more people will get to experience it. (Maybe Smash Bros.)

SilentNegotiator1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

"Fact is it is not selling well when it should be a hot seller right now"

Wii U "should" be a hot seller? On what grounds?

herbs1973d ago

I called this 6 months ago. Nintendo has a solid lineup this fall winter and there console has a affordable price they are more than ready to take on Sony and Microsoft. Also the 2ds was disigned for kids under seven at an affordable price.

mistertwoturbo1973d ago

Oh sweet, I might actually get a 2DS

Mounce1973d ago

I thought Nintendo was stubbornly telling everyone that it didn't need a price cut....

Oh well, gamers win when price cuts are given.

SilentNegotiator1973d ago

When Wii U sales go up in reaction, then maybe Iwata and Nintendo fanboys can stop pretending like price has nothing to do with its poor sales.

PopRocks3591973d ago

Or you can take back all the occasions you claimed the Wii U will never sell better.

SilentNegotiator1973d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I have never said that.

Do you really take time to INVENT things that I've supposedly said?

RenegadeRocks1972d ago

Who cares at this point ? :-/

I am saving for my ps4 at the moment.

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TheTwelve1973d ago

When it loses $50 more and gets more software, sure.

deafdani1973d ago

More software, that's coming soon. By december, there will be quite a lot of stuff to play on the console.

Another price drop... yeah, you may have to wait a while for that, though.

TheTwelve1973d ago

Only thing on it that appeals to me now is Pikmin, so I hope you're right.

3-4-51973d ago

Yea The price drop + Super Mario 3D World makes me want one very bad.

Thepcz1973d ago

what the price you have there dread?

Neonridr1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Well this was expected at some point. $299 is a clear $100 less than the PS4, and should do well to attract some more people.

Here's hoping they start up a Wii U ambassador program for those of us who bought the system early. I wouldn't mind a couple of free VC games, or perhaps a download code for a first party Nintendo game of our choice or something.

Wish I could get my hands on that Gamepad. Perhaps people will sell that pad separately on ebay etc.

Phil321973d ago

Well, those $0.30 Virtual Console games could be perceived as what we got for being early adopters. Still, that's the price you pay for getting a system early.

RicardJulianti1973d ago

Yeah....I'm not upset about the price drop at all. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Wii U, especially since MH3U was released. My PS3 and 360 have actually been collecting dust.

Not only is the price cut big, but those release date announcements....whew.

PopRocks3591973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Meh. I got quite a few classic games for next to nothing in dollars. The $50 I spent during launch is one I don't regret all that much (that and I've also had that digital 10% rebate thing that came with the Deluxe version).

I don't believe the console needed a price cut, but it is what it is and it can only help it sell.

N4g_null1973d ago

Throw w101 in there for free and start selling xenoblade digitally for cheap for a limited time.

Phil321973d ago

That's absolutely stupid. They should throw in TW101, Xenoblade AND Metroid Prime Trilogy! :P

(Obviously kidding about the stupid part, as I know you were joking.)

vikingland11972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I've been buying consoles since 1980 been gaming since 1978 I should get an ambassador program for all my gaming lol. Plus I have the PS4 and XBO preorderd. I even bought the Virtual Boy ( what was I thinking). Ambassador indeed. With the price cut I will now get the Wii U.