Madden NFL 25 Screenshot Comparison And Analysis (PS3 vs Xbox 360)

LensOfTruth Writes "Welcome back for another exciting Heads Up! This week we “Make some plays” through Madden NFL 25 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to give you the “Heads Up” on which version out performs the other."

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RudeSole Devil1971d ago

Close call as usual with the Madden franchise, but hopefully the Xbox One and PS4 look much better. Madden is looking aged.

Cueil1971d ago

hopefully they add ball physics

mewhy321971d ago

Well, lets just hope that PS4 Madden doesn't get dumbed down because of developing for the lowest common denominator bone. If the PS4 Madden gets developed free from bone limitation then we're in for something special.

mfletch5121971d ago

isnt is supposed to run on an entirely different engine? the ignite engine instead of infinity 2.0?

mfletch5121971d ago

it definitely does. so hopefully it will be WAY better. and for a $10 upgrade... cant beat it.

Mr Blings1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

@ Mfletch512...Is is confirmed that Madden is included as a $10 upgrade from ps3 to ps4 or 360 to 1? I had not seen anything that confirmed this. I have not yet picked up Madden 25 for ps3 as of yet because of this. If true I will pick it up and gladly pay the $10 entry fee for the next gen version if it is a worthy first next gen product and not a lame duck...

mfletch5121969d ago

@mrBlings i was under the impression that ANY game fell into the upgrade.

user74029311971d ago

ps3 version looks a little crisper

RudeSole Devil1971d ago

No way Xbox 360 looks better to me no brainier

koolaid2511970d ago

You probably suck at the game lol.

LoveSpuds1971d ago

Regardless of how it looks, I always feel like I need another pair of eyes and an extra set of hands to play this game :)

Corpser1971d ago

Both looks horrible lol

voodoogts1971d ago

Just like on BF3 and COD. They ran and look better on 360 when they where benchmark side by side. Damn Sony never gets any love. And how the hell did Microsoft become the official sponsor for the NFL?

digger181971d ago

Bs. Bf3 looked and ran better on ps3