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Going hands-on with Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer mode for the first time at Gamescom, I couldn’t help but feel that Shadow Fall represents a sea change for the veteran shooter series. The gameplay retains the series’ signature weight and heft, so you never feel like you’re ice-skating through the the meticulously detailed environments. But thanks to a host of refinements from Guerrilla Games, Shadow Fall is undeniably a faster, more fluid, and more satisfying Killzone. Call it Killzone reborn.

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Majin-vegeta2273d ago

Let me get this straight.In order to unlock more gadgets and attachments for weapons we have to complete challenges aka kinda like contracts?

Also GG should give us a level editor that would keep the community alive and well for time to come.

Clover9042273d ago

I'd take free map dlc over a level editor anyday :)

Clover9042273d ago

@majin-vegeta I want, I want! Come on man... free map dlc! That's great! No other major shooter is offering this. I'd like a level editor on Shadow Fall 2, but this is one already impressive launch title.

mewhy322273d ago

ShadowFall is going to be amazing. Pushing the format forward and setting a new high mark for shooters. This game will have no shooter equal.

cyclindk2273d ago

Yeah, they have all this great customization with how matches can be played, but a level editor or something would be that "next genny" tidbit it needs. Other Killzones gave the match-customization, other games have had level editors, this one looks great, but I do expect more than visuals with all the RAM consoles have now. AI and other such improvements better show themselves without excuse.

HammadTheBeast2273d ago

Level Editor would never work with the kind of graphics Killzone has, unless they put in tons of pre-made parts. Mode editor is pretty sweet though.

Donnieboi2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Yes! No more aim assist! A real return to SKILL based multiplayer. Besides, like the article says, the dual shock 4 is so perfectly responsive that the crutch of aim assist is no longer needed.

BlackPrince 422273d ago

I'll believe it that when I see it.

Every game I've played on console without aim assist (Crysis games, Unreal Tournament III, Battlefield games) has felt wonky and imprecise.

bsquwhere2273d ago

That's because your aim is "wonky and imprecise". Not hating, but think about what your saying. BTW Unreal and BF are awesome games. I'm assuming your a COD player and this explains everything.

BlackPrince 422272d ago


My aim is very good, even without aim assist (take note I do not mean auto aim there's a difference). But shooters that utilize gamepads need it because analogue sticks are imprecise.

I haven't played COD in couple of years. I do think however, that Modern Warfare 2 was, mechanically speaking, perfect.

Majin-vegeta2273d ago

I have no idea how i glanced over this part.

After my play session, Game Director Steven ter Heide commented that the Shadow Fall no longer uses aim assist, making it a truer test of skill. And you’ll never even notice that change, given the high responsiveness of DualShock 4’s comfortable new analog sticks.

Hopefully this is a starting trend for more shooters to come.
Welcome to the real world scrubs :D.

xHeavYx2273d ago

I know, aim assist sucks. Especially when you can't turn it off.

clrlite2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Thank you for that Majin, I couldn't be happier.

Day 1!

I'll may pick up BF4 later but it may be a try before I buy thing.

Killzone, Infamous, the new Socom, etc., etc. Wow!

xReDeMpTiOnx2273d ago

This could be glorious kz2 all over again.

Where good players were clearly seen and everyone had a skill level.

clrlite2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

That would be amazing. Then they could include a mode where people aren't rewarded for hardwork or skill, are all assisted, and whatnot. A casual mode or something.
I don't see a point in including a mode like that for "competitive" multiplayer though, as it seems kind of counterproductive.
I don't want people complaining that multiplayer is too hard though, it's ridiculous.
As far as I'm concerned casuals can stick so SP, play something else, or play on a beginners server.

AlexanderNevermind2273d ago


Clearly seen huh: Invisible Snipers ay

This is what so many Killzone fans are hoping for. Back to the K2 roots where warzone could last for an hour with custom match lengths. They can keep the Jetpacks and Mechs, just give us back our mobile spawns (which they have) and our 16v16 (which they have not - yet).

CocoWolfie2273d ago

im actually really excited, it doesnt look lack laster, it looks beautiful, fun, and really good ^-^

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The story is too old to be commented.